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Mouse Hunter review

Mouse Hunter gives you the ability to use your mouse wheel to scroll horizontally as well as vertically with just a touch of a button. Choose the hot key you'd prefer to activate this feature, and you're ready to maximize your mouse's scrolling potential.


Horizontal scrolling: This can be a pretty big headache, and especially if you have a lot of windows open on a smaller screen, you'll want to be able to pan sideways, as well as up and down. This app makes that possible, and in a very convenient way.

Customizable: Of course, … Read more

MOUSE-Space GOLauncherEX Theme review

MOUSE-Space GOLauncherEX Theme makes your home screen cuter by adding an astronautical mouse with a precious face. While the theme moves smoothly, the lack of contrast between the dock bar and the moonscape behind it makes the gray launcher buttons rather awkward. Also, because it uses plenty of gray, this theme can feel drab at times.

To use MOUSE-Space GOLauncherEX Theme, you need to have GOLauncher, the most popular Android launcher. After you select the new theme as the default in GOLauncher, you'll make the acquaintance of a spectacled space mouse with an oversized head, dressed in an astronaut'… Read more

Mouse Trapper review

Mouse Trapper is a handy utility that helps you keep track of your mouse, especially when you're working on multiple screens at once. With this tool, you can limit your mouse to one screen and control when it's permitted to cross over onto other screens. This can save you plenty of time and frustration, especially if you work with a multiple screen display on a regular basis.

The interface of Mouse Trapper is innovative and effective, as it consists of a cartoon mouse holding a sign listing your options for using the app. There is also a Help … Read more

Steve Jobs time capsule dug up after 30 years: Here's the video

For 30 years, a potentially priceless piece of technology history was lost somewhere beneath Aspen, Colo.

At the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983, Steve Jobs gave a talk prognosticating technologies like the iPad, wireless networking, and even the App Store. He used his Lisa mouse to help navigate through the talk and afterward, Jobs added the mouse to a collection of miscellaneous items donated by conference attendees that was then buried as the "Aspen Time Tube."

Despite the inclusion of dozens upon dozens of other items, the tube came to be known as the "Steve Jobs … Read more

Daanav Mouse Cursor Changer review

Daanav Mouse Cursor Changer gives you the freedom to change cursor designs with ease so you never have to use a cursor you don't like again. With this handy tool, you can add up to three cursor designs in addition to your default design, and you can switch between them with no trouble using the app's streamlined interface.

Daanav Mouse Cursor Changer can import any cursor design in CUR or ANI format. Browse your entire computer through the app to find the designs you want to add. You can keep up to three custom cursors in the app … Read more

Windows 8.1 leaked update reveals PC-friendly changes

An update that could hit Windows 8.1 in March should prove more friendly to plain, old-fashioned PC users.

The update already had been revealed in January, courtesy of screenshots from Windows leaker Wzor. But now that update is making the rounds of file-sharing sites, allowing more people to peek at it.

One major change spotted by The Verge is a new title bar for Windows 8 apps. Clicking specific icons on the bar lets you close, minimize, and snap apps side-by-side, just as you can do with regular desktop applications.

Right-clicking on the Start screen displays a popup menu … Read more

How to manually change the scroll direction in Mavericks

When Apple introduced its "Natural" scrolling direction option in OS X to mimic the touch-based swiping on the iPhone and iPad, it also included a system preference setting to revert this, should you wish to use classic scrolling behavior. While this feature offers most users the choice to revert to a behavior they would prefer, it may not work in all situations, especially when using a mouse as an input device, instead of Apple's multi-touch trackpad.

In some cases, the setting might be available in the Mouse pane of System Preferences, but when you check it or … Read more

Review: Control multiple PCs without a KVM switch with help from ShareMouse

ShareMouse Mouse and Keyboard Sharing lets you control network computers with one keyboard and mouse, and share files, too. Rolling your mouse to the edge of one PC's desktop moves control to the next PC and dims the first PC's screen. Moving the cursor back restores control to the first PC. There's a QuickJump hot key combo, too, and there's a Panic key that also reverts to the main system and even a password option. This free tool works fine, though it takes practice.

We installed ShareMouse on two networked Windows PCs. The installer can configure … Read more

Taxidermy chess: Play with rooks and dead rodents

Yelling "Checkmate!" is even more rewarding with a dead mouse clasped in your hand. Or that appears to be the thinking behind this one-of-a-kind wooden chessboard that comes with taxidermy mice dressed as kings, queens, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns.

Created by Florida-based artist Rachael Garcia, the unusual taxidermy chess set is made with white and brown mice that were originally destined to be snake snacks.

"Every mouse was a unique creature in life, making each piece of this set a one-of-a-kind creation, hand-stuffed by me," Garcia writes on her Etsy page. "The set includes 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice, in various sizes, pawns being the smallest... All specimens were acquired from a captive breeding facility that distributes frozen rodents for reptile feeding, so don't feel sad if these little guys were not battling it out on the chess board they would be deep in the belly of a snake." … Read more

The mouse that roared, and launched a PC revolution

Forty-five years ago today, a group of techies sat in a room in San Francisco, eagerly awaiting what would become known to some as "the mother of all demos."

The occasion was the demonstration by Douglas Engelbart, director of Stanford Research Institute's Augmentation Research Center, of, among other things, the world's first computer mouse. Many have since credited that December 9, 1968, presentation with helping to launch the personal-computing revolution.

The demo was actually of a number of projects that Engelbart and his colleagues at SRI were working on. But it's the mouse that won … Read more