Motiv review

Motiv is a unique app that utilizes Google Maps' Street View to create point-of-view videos of routes between two points. It has some limitations, but it's still interesting and fun to use.


Intuitive interface: Motiv is quite easy to navigate, displaying a map and telling users to select two points to get started. From there it's just a matter of selecting the view you want to use, waiting for the app to download the images, and then saving the video.

Multiple views: Motiv lets users create videos from a variety of different points of view, including montage (… Read more

The 404 1,433: Where we take baby steps with Dr. Josh King (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- If you're in the area and are dealing with either substance use or compulsive behaviors, check out the Center for Motivation and Change.

- For loved ones dealing with addiction, Josh King recommends "Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change."

- Follow the Center for Motivation & Change on Twitter.… Read more

Get motivated by challenging your friends on Leap

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Leap day: what better time to launch a new iPhone app, especially if the app's name happens to be Leap? Leap uses challenges to motivate users to accomplish various tasks. Following the "pics or it didn't happen" mantra, users are only awarded points for pictures they upload of a completed task. The challenges can be serious in nature, or something to create some laughs.

Once you have uploaded a photo to a challenge, you will earn a point and your competitors (friends) will be notified of your latest post. If they feel you have … Read more

Are composite pickup trucks in our future?

Transportation design firm Motive Industries released computer-generated images of what a pickup made of composite material could look like.

The Bison is a midsize truck concept with the the cargo capacity of a full-size Ford F-series, according to Motive. Constructed of carbon fiber composite, the Bison offers a 50 percent weight savings over a steel truck without sacrificing strength.

The same chassis could be used with conventional gas or diesel engines, and it can also accommodate a hybrid, electric, or fuel cell power train, according to Motive. The flexible platform and body design would make it an attractive option for … Read more

Battery exec sees promise in new chemistries

First, the good news: a top executive at SB LiMotive says it may be possible to design lithium batteries that can deliver a 300-mile daily range.

And now the bad news: the prototype batteries have an unsettling tendency to burst into flames.

And that, in a nutshell, is what occupies Joachim Fetzer these days. As executive vice president of SB LiMotive, it's Fetzer's job to deliver lithium ion batteries to customers--mission accomplished--and figure out how to improve their performance--a work in progress.

SB LiMotive is a 50-50 joint venture between Robert Bosch and Samsung, launched in 2008. The … Read more

Hippie's dream car: EV made from hemp

Motive Industries, an automotive design firm in Canada, is developing the most literal of green vehicles--an electric car with a chassis made from cannabis.

The body of the Kestrel, a four-seat electric vehicle, is engineered using impact-resistant biocomposite derived from Canadian grown and manufactured hemp mats.

Its construction takes enviromentally friendly engineering one step further--the hemp fibers in the composite keep the body weight low, which reduces the energy needed to propel the vehicle while offering a renewable alternative to composites derived from petrochemicals. Aptera, a California-based EV start-up, uses silica-based fabric for its composite material that is impossible to … Read more

Scientists say they know you better than you do

Do you intend to be nice to your co-workers today? Do you intend to spend a little longer in the shower so that your personal crevices are spotless? Do you intend to write that friend request to Mark Zuckerberg and keep your list of friends private?

Well, a group of scientists at UCLA would like to thank you for words, but prefers to scan your brains to prove to you what you really intend to do.

If this all sounds a little macabre, then you clearly don't intend to follow science's inexorable path. According to Reuters, a team … Read more

Don't end the streak!

Streaks Motivational Calendar uses a simple--and surprisingly effective--concept to motivate you to stay productive. The idea is that you choose a thing you want to do more of, such as exercising, for example. Streaks Motivational Calendar lets you set up an exercising calendar on which you can mark off each day that you exercise with a big red X. Once you have a few days marked off, you'll have a streak.

Streaks Motivational Calendar lets you set up multiple calendars so you can track your progress toward various goals. You can name your calendars for any ongoing task, then … Read more

Start your streak and swing to win: iPhone apps of the week

Probably like many people reading this blog post, I experienced firsthand the trouble Apple and AT&T had with the overwhelming number of preorders for the iPhone 4 on Tuesday. I thought I was being smart by deciding to skip the long lines and get the iPhone 4 delivered to my house, but I ended up getting nothing but errors after only the first few steps into the process.

After several attempts, I decided to wait a couple of days before trying again and ended up buying the black 32GB model through Apple on Thursday. Unfortunately, with the enormous … Read more

Self-help snake oil

Mystic Board is at it again, providing useless, atrociously designed software under the guise of offering personal insight and self-improvement. MB Motivation And Self Help is a suite of Mystic Board programs that we've encountered before individually, and we're sorry to say that packaging these programs together did not make them any less ridiculous.

The three programs included in MB Motivation And Self Help are Subliminal Message Software, Hypnosis, and Color Therapy. All three of these are encased in horrible interfaces that are cluttered with Mystic Board advertising. We started with the Subliminal Message Software, which was laughable. … Read more