How to set up Find My iPhone on your iOS device

Find My iPhone is a powerful utility that every iOS device owner needs to take advantage of. Whether you have gone through the experience of losing your beloved Apple device in the past, or you just want to err on the side of caution, setting up Find My iPhone will save you headaches and hassle down the road.

Don't let the name, Find My iPhone, fool you. Apple has made creating a Find My iPhone account available for iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch and the iPad running iOS 4.2 or later, best of all, it's free! Let's get started.… Read more

Better notes mean better grades

Notability might be the best note-taking application we've seen for the iPad, with tons of useful features that are easily accessed through the app's intuitive interface. Perfect for students or really anyone who needs to gather and organize information, Notability lets you use your onscreen keyboard (or a compatible Bluetooth keyboard) to keep track of information by grouping your notes into categories by subject.

You can start a new note by tapping on the Compose button, or open an existing note from the start screen. You have the option to open notes from Dropbox, or from your iDisk … Read more

Exclusive: Stuffit 2011 for Mac

These days, most file compression activities are baked into your operating system, but there are still plenty of reasons to get a specialized compression utility. With StuffIt 2011 for Mac--exclusive to CNET Downloads today--you can create customized "Destinations" that let you drag and drop files or folders for automated compression and sending. Want to compress to ZIP format and upload via FTP, for example? With a quick setup, you can create your custom destination beforehand with your preferred compression algorithm, and you'll never have to worry about flipping through menus for this destination again. To top … Read more

Apple launches MobileMe Mail beta program

Apple launched a new e-mail beta program late Wednesday for users of its MobileMe subscription service.

The MobileMe Mail beta adds a number of new features to the service to help users take advantage of the service on the Web and on other supported devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and PC.

The beta version of Mail sees the addition of widescreen and compact views, e-mail rules, single-click archiving, a formatting toolbar, and SSL protection.

E-mail rules setup at will propagate to all of the devices where you receive MobileMe e-mail. Because it's an IMAP … Read more

What to do when MobileMe is down

Occasionally Apple will need to perform system maintenance or have to deal with an unexpected service interruption. In these cases, there are some primary functions on MobileMe that will most likely be unavailable, as well as some that should still be operable.… Read more

Apple MobileMe exec chosen as Thumbplay CTO

Apple's MobileMe technology executive has been appointed chief technology officer at Thumbplay, the cloud-based music company said on Monday.

Pablo Calamera was most recently director of Apple's MobileMe, and spent a total of 10 years at the company over the course of his career. In the newly created position of CTO, he will report directly to Evan Schwartz, Thumbplay CEO and co-founder.

Thumbplay said Calamera will oversee all technology initiatives, including its new cloud-based music service. Thumbplay, in private beta in the U.S., offers unlimited, on-demand access to songs. Thumbplay Music is currently available for select BlackBerry … Read more

Apple enhances MobileMe on Mobile Safari

Last week, Apple released a new support document for MobileMe with details on what to expect when you visit using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

On these devices the Web site looks different from the one you see when you visit your PC or Mac and offers:

A direct link to instructions about configuring Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Find My iPhone on your iPhone or iPod Touch. A link that allows you to access Find My iPhone from any iPhone or iPod Touch when yours is lost. Direct links to download the iDisk or Gallery apps from the … Read more

MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature from MacFixIt in which we answer questions e-mailed to us by our readers. We have been getting regular contacts and questions from our readers, and we hope to share our correspondence so everyone may benefit from and contribute to them. This week we have questions about MobileMe synchronization errors, video resolution problems at boot-up, finding RSS URLs in Mail, booting to Safe Mode in Boot Camp, and missing items on the Desktop.… Read more

Troubleshooting Apple's MobileMe Gallery app

We published a report last week about the release of Apple's new MobileMe Gallery app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now shortly after that, Apple has released a series of knowledge base articles that you might have missed. We'll go over those here and discuss some other problems users have encountered with the app.

Removing the Gallery app from your iPhone/iPod Touch

Apple advises that removal of the Gallery app from your mobile device will only remove the app, its cache of files, and its settings. Data in your MobileMe Gallery, located at… Read more