MirrorLink-equipped Peugeot competes with Apple CarPlay

GENEVA -- Jumping on the small but growing MirrorLink bandwagon, Peugeot chose the 2014 Geneva auto show to unveil its new 108 model, which comes standard with the smartphone mirroring technology. Peugeot demonstrated its MirrorLink implementation at the same time that Apple's CarPlay technology was being shown by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Ferrari.

Both MirrorLink and CarPlay let a driver plug a smartphone into the car and have a modified interface from the phone appear on the car's head unit. The driver can choose functions, such as navigation, controlling it through a touch screen or other car interface while … Read more

Nissan wants to improve the rearview mirror with cameras

Every concept car designer dreams of the day when your car's unsightly rearview mirror will be replaced by slick hidden cameras. Nissan brings us one step closer to that day with the new Smart Rearview Mirror feature.

At the touch of a button, driver can change the Smart Rearview Mirror's display from a conventional mirror to an integrated LCD that shows a video feed from a high-resolution, 1.3-megapixel camera located at the vehicle's rear end. Where the rear camera in your current car can only be used while reversing, Nissan's Smart Rearview Mirror will be … Read more

MirrorLink adds Peugeot to roster of phone-connected cars

At the 2014 Geneva auto show beginning next week, the new Peugeot 108 will debut with a standard MirrorLink connection, letting the car's LCD show a connected smartphone's screen. Peugeot joins Toyota and Volkswagen, along with aftermarket head unit makers such as Pioneer, in adopting the MirrorLink standard.

Antti Aumo, marketing director for the Connected Car Consortium, the body responsible for developing MirrorLink, told CNET that other production cars currently implementing or slated to get the technology are the Toyota iQ and Verso, and the Volkswagen Polo. Although world market cars, localization affects which cabin electronics are available … Read more

Review: InstaMirror HD offers numerous filters for flipping and reversing images

InstaMirror HD is a filter app that works closely with Instagram to create mirrored versions of photos you have taken with your camera. The interface combined with the feature layout makes the app very intuitive, and while the number of mirror options is minimal in the free version of the app, the basic layout and tools are solid enough to get a decent experience out of the app.

After installing InstaMirror HD you can open it up and start creating new mirrored images right away. Choose any of the filters that are unlocked (some will be locked pending a paid … Read more

Your portrait, made from pulsating bacteria

I have a new favorite artist: bacteria. Imprinted onto cell phones, it can look like flowers, or even distant galaxies. Some types of it can rotate in ways that cause light to scatter, creating a visible shimmer.

It can also make you sick, of course. But let's focus on the pretty little light pulses here.

Two London-based artists have taken magnetotactic bacteria, which can orient itself along Earth's magnetic fields, and combined it with electronics and photo manipulation to create real-time "portraits" of anyone who visits their interactive installation. They call their bio-display "Living Mirror," as the cells "form a 'living mirror' within liquid media from live portrait images captured of individuals."

In other words, if you've always wanted to see how you'd look as a glowing cell culture, this if your chance. … Read more

Samsung's Blu-ray player a great buy

Even in an age when media is increasingly streamed to mini boxes like Roku and Apple TV, a disc player is still a must-have for those who already own a cache of discs. Thankfully, all Blu-ray players double as streaming-media boxes, too, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

To that end, the Samsung BD-F5900 is an affordable machine ($120) that offers almost everything you need in a disc player and a "smart" set-top box, with overall performance being a standout. This is the quickest player CNET has seen up until this point with the … Read more

Review: The-Mirror is a photo augmenter with few options that runs smoothly

The Mirror is a very straightforward app -- it's a camera with a mirror framing your face, a la Snow White. You can take photos in the mirror, take video (oddly without the mirror and limited to only 30 seconds), or you can save and share your photos and videos with other users through the app's menus. It's not particularly robust, but it does work quickly and effectively for what it offers.

The Mirror is an app that doesn't try to do too much and as such it succeeds in performing these few functions very well. … Read more

PSA: Incredible EA game deal ending soon

Need something fun to do this weekend? Electronic Arts' Humble Bundle just got even sweeter with the addition of two extra games.

In case you missed it, Electronic Arts has been offering a collection of 8 great computer video games for a little over $5 (or more, if you're feeling generous), with all proceeds going to charity. Now the number of games is up to 10.

First, here's an update on contributions to the EA Humble Bundle.… Read more

Pay what you want for Battlefield 3, other top EA games

Gamers have a big opportunity through August 28. The Humble Origin Bundle lets you grab up to eight top-tier Electronic Arts games -- including Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, and The Sims 3 Starter Pack -- at whatever price you want (starting at $1). A great bonus? All proceeds go to charity.

One fact worth noting: To access popular games such as Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3, donors will need to contribute at least $4.65, which is a moving average of all contributions (that number may change as donations fluctuate). Regardless, that's a heck of a deal for either game, and especially the bundle itself, which would cost about $215 if purchased altogether.… Read more

Apple's patent win over Mirror Worlds stays intact

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear Mirror Worlds' appeal of an Apple victory in a patent case, putting to rest the long-running dispute.

The nation's highest court said on its site that it has denied Mirror World's request that it consider the case related to software patents for features such as Apple's Cover Flow.

Mirror Worlds was founded by Yale University computer-science Professor David Gelernter. In a 2008 lawsuit, the company accused Apple of infringing on its patents with its Mac OS X operating systems going back to 10.4 "Tiger," … Read more