Wii U getting updates, new games

Wednesday's CNET Update:

Stories mentioned in today's tech news roundup:

- Nintendo announced several updates and new games for the Wii U console.

- GigaOM's report on DIAL, a protocol being worked on by Netflix and YouTube for second-screen apps.

- Google beat analyst expectations by reporting its first-ever $50 billion year.

- Tumblr: Actual Facebook Graph Searches

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What the Wii U needs next

After using the Wii U for about a week, I've had a decidedly mixed experience.

The positive future-forward idea of a tabletlike GamePad that works away from the TV, Nintendo's fun family-oriented ideas of same-room party play -- well, so far, those benefits have been outweighed by a lot of question marks.

You've probably heard about some of the issues in our still-unfolding Wii U review. The Wii U, as it currently stands, is a new game console that's in need of a confidence boost. It needs to compete against the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and even Apple's devices, and be good enough to succeed.

Here's what I think it needs most, and what's standing in the way of success.… Read more

The 404 1,168: Where we pass judgment on the Nintendo Wii U (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Watch Jeff go nuts on the Wii U.

- German police stop man with mobile office in car.… Read more

Wii U's Miiverse a social platform that works elsewhere

Nintendo's Miiverse will deliver its social experience across platforms, Nintendo announced today.

According to Nintendo, its Wii U's Miiverse will deliver full-fledged social features as soon as users boot up the console. Chief among those features is the ability to view "Miis" around games to help users determine which titles are trending around the world. In addition, the platform will let people see and send text messages, or use a stylus to draw words or images.

Interestingly, Nintendo doesn't want to limit its Miiverse to Wii U users. Instead, the company will offer it on … Read more