The MetaWatch Strata Stealth feels very beta

Like many smartwatch products, the MetaWatch Strata Stealth promises to usher in a new era of hands-free convenience. Designed to link tightly to iPhones and Android smartphones, this $179 gadget runs tailor-made mini apps to keep you always in the loop. As with other devices in the nascent smart timepiece category, though, including the Sony Smartwatch, Pebble, and I’m Watch, the MetaWatch operates like a work in progress. While the MetaWatch could have a bright future, the device’s current glitches and software bugs will make you wish you bought a more stable piece of hardware such as the … Read more

When will wearables be wearable?

A couple years ago, while out enjoying a bike ride, Walt Froloff became increasingly annoyed that his cell phone kept slipping out of its holster.

By the time he got home he decided to fashion an accessory that would allow him to attach his phone to his wrist. Now, he is president of a startup that makes just that--WristOffice.

"This was born from frustration, anger and disbelief," Froloff said. "The future can't be you holding something in your hand trying to find things."

Froloff's WristOffice was one of several wearable devices showcased Tuesday … Read more