Hello, tomorrow: Smart tech and accidental espionage

Forget the National Security Agency and other government intelligence bureaus (or so I'm told to tell you by the agent who has been tracking my communications for months and who now stands beside me). One doesn't need a taxpayer-funded agency to maintain a nearly comprehensive and constant library of your visage as you travel near and far. There are, in fact, a number of products and services from both startups and tech giants aimed at capturing your likeness before too long. It could even be someone else's very environs that catches you in the act of living: … Read more

What gear would you take on a 5-year, 9,000-mile walk?

OK, let's just say you decide to walk the length of Europe and Asia and bring all your social-media peeps along for the journey. What devices would you bring with you to keep in touch and document your epic stroll?

These aren't questions most of us will ever be faced with, but Michael Lee Johnson is thinking very hard about the answers right now as he prepares to embark on a half-decade long sojourn by foot from Beijing to London later this year.

A developer from England who has also worked in social media (he had a moment of notoriety when Facebook nixed the 1-cent ad he purchased to promote his Google+ account), marketing and a few startups, Johnson tells me he's treating his trip as a sort of startup of its own.

In fact, the idea for a major overland trip was originally conceived as a marketing stunt for a startup. The startup is no more, but Johnson's dream of sharing the near-entirety of an epic personal journey lives on.… Read more

Life-logging Kickstarter camera doubles goal in 12 hours

While some Kickstarter projects go about begging for funds like online versions of Oliver Twist, others can't staunch the flow of pledges. Memoto is one of those. The little camera is raising big money, so much that it doubled its $50,000 funding goal in just 12 hours and has already topped $245,000.

The lightweight Memoto clips onto the front of your shirt or somewhere else convenient. It takes 5-megapixel photos at the rate of two photos per minute when it's being worn and shuts off when you tuck it away into a pocket. The 8GB of memory is enough for a couple of days of photos. The photos are stored online through a Memoto service so you don't have to clog up all your precious computer memory.… Read more