Systerac Memory Booster review

While it can help you free up some memory space, Systerac Memory Booster in its present form seems an incomplete app that allows you only to manually kill running apps. The upgrade feature to the premium version does not work, which means that the widget designed to accompany the app is inaccessible. In other words, right now this app has little to offer you.

Systerac Memory Booster promises to "make your phone smart and smooth with just one finger touch." All you get from it, though, is a plain interface that shows you how much memory your device … Read more

Sony PlayMemories Home Free review

Sony's proposition for backing up and viewing photos and videos, Sony PlayMemories Home Free lets you transfer files from your camera or hard disk to an online cloud to which you can then easily connect from a PC, camera, Sony Bravia TV, PS3, or Android/iOS device. It works well enough.


To the point: Sony PlayMemories Home Free and its online service do not pretend to be everything to everybody but target casual users who want to avoid backup headaches. The software is strictly limited to photos and videos and includes extremely basic editing functions.

Device integration: We … Read more

Memory Puzzle-7 review

Style-7's Memory Puzzle-7 challenges players to fit four basic shapes, each made of four squares, into a grid of cells. You can rotate pieces, move them around, and remove them from the field, as long as you haven't added another piece. Memory Puzzle-7 is free with ads, though a Pro upgrade is available, too.


Two game types: Puzzle mode is a traditional shape puzzle, while Memory mode briefly displays a finished puzzle and gives you a minute to restore all the pieces.

Four levels: Four levels of difficulty -- For children, Very easy, Easy, and Normal -- … Read more

Animals Memory Game For Kids review

With Animals Memory Game For Kids on your Android tablet or phone, youngsters stay busy sharpening their memory skills -- only they think it's fun. Softdiv's free but ad-supported game challenges kids to flip and match animal cards by memory. Gameplay involves tapping squares, so even small children can manage it on a tablet or smartphone.


Easy in concept, challenging in play: The game's concept is easy to grasp: kids tap squares to briefly uncover cards bearing pictures of different animals, and then tap the matching card to create a pair that then disappears. The further … Read more

Transcend curries 4K favor with faster SD cards

Memory card maker Transcend announced higher-speed SD cards on Friday that are geared for videographers shooting high-resolution 4K video.

Transcend's new SDHC and SDXC cards are graded UHS-1 Class 3 and come in two varieties. The "Extreme" models have read and write speeds of 95MBps and 85MBps, respectively.

The non-extreme models have read and write speeds of 95MBps and 60MBps, respectively.

The newer UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed) Class 3 specification requires sustained write performance of 30MBps.

Yes, SD card categorization is a bottomless pit of acronyms. Here are two more: SDHC and SDXC, which govern maximum capacity. … Read more

Transcend gives Mac Pro a 128GB memory upgrade option

For folks like video editors who really, really need a lot of memory, Transcend announced new memory modules that can bring Apple's new Mac Pro machines up to 128GB.

The option doubles the 64GB of RAM available in Mac Pros from Apple, but there's a catch: the DDR3 memory modules have a slower 1333MHz interface compared to the 1866MHz DDR3 memory Apple ships. It'll still be a whole lot faster than an SSD or, heaven forfend, a hard drive.

Transcend also offers 1866MHz modules that max out at 64GB. The memory is "fully tested," Transcend R&D Director Angus Wu saidRead more

SanDisk, Toshiba sue SK Hynix in trade secrets cases

Toshiba and SanDisk are seeking damages from SK Hynix in separately filed lawsuits, both of which allege that the company profited from the theft of data surrounding NAND flash memory technology.

Toshiba and SanDisk have partnered for years to produce the flash memory chip technology used in mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Toshiba is currently the second-largest manufacturer of NAND memory chips in the world by revenue and market share.

On Thursday, Tokyo police arrested a former SanDisk engineer under suspicion of providing NAND flash memory technical data to Hynix in 2008. The engineer once worked at a joint … Read more

Password Memory review

Password Memory lets you enter in all of your log-in information for various sites, as well as the site URLs, to use as a reference later. In this app, your username and password for each site, as well as the name of the site and the URL are displayed together, so you don't have to worry about remembering any of them, yourself. And all of this information is protected by your master password or pin.

The first time you open Password Memory, you'll have to enter the default pin (1-2-3-4) to get in. Once you've logged in, … Read more

Lexar joins CFast 2.0 party with 3333X flash-memory card

Lexar has joined rival SanDisk with support for the new CFast 2.0 format for high-end flash memory cards, announcing a very high-speed 3333X models with capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB at CES 2014 on Monday.

In addition, the company announced the CR-1, its CFast 2.0 reader with a USB 3.0 interface so that people can transfer files off the cards with their computers. A 3333X speed means cards will be able to transfer data up to 500MBps. Fast read and write speeds are useful for capturing high-resolution video reliably, shooting high-speed bursts of photos, and … Read more

Samsung chip advance paves way for phones with 4GB memory

In a move that should help fix a key performance bottleneck in mobile devices, Samsung announced Monday it's developed a new 8Gb DRAM memory chip for high-end phones and tablets.

The chip uses a low-power DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) interface that can transmit 3.2Gbps over each of its electrical connections, twice that of today's DDR3 memory, Samsung said. And it consumes 40 percent less power.

When the new memory chips ship in 2014, they'll pave the way for premium devices with 4GB of memory. Today, Samsung sells 4Gb and 6Gb DDR3 memory chips used in … Read more