Megaman 1-6 review

Megaman 1-6 is an incredibly valuable, fun collection of the first six games in this influential series. All of the games are exactly as they were when you first played them, even down to the iconic music and difficultly. It's hard to deny the hours upon hours of entertainment value you get here, even if it's covered in ads.

This emulator combines the first six U.S. Megaman games into one package. You can choose any game from the emulator's drop-down menu that almost looks like it might let you add new games if you had the … Read more

Warrants in Kim Dotcom raid legal, New Zealand court rules

A New Zealand appeals court ruled Wednesday that the search warrants used during the raid of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom's mansion as part of an online piracy probe were legal, dealing a setback to his fight to avoid extradition.

The decision overturned much of a June 2012 ruling invalidating the warrants used in the January 2012 raid on Dotcom's mansion near Auckland, New Zealand. While a High Court judge said at the time that the warrants did not adequately describe the offenses alleged, a three-judge panel found Wednesday that the warrants were "defective in some respects" … Read more

Samsung updates Galaxy S4, Note 3 with Android KitKat

Google's Android 4.4.2 KitKat update, launched in October, will now hit a variety of Samsung devices.

The Korean electronics giant said availability of KitKat varies by carrier and product, but updates will begin Tuesday and will continue through the coming months. The Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are among the devices that will now run Google's latest version of its mobile software.

New features of that operating system include a redesigned dialer that allows users to search for any number, even if it's not in their phone books. For example, users can start typing the … Read more

Review: Mega Photo contains dozens of photo filters all with live previews onscreen

Mega Photo is a unique photo filtering app that offers live previews of every option you have to choose from in the app. The result of this is a somewhat jarring experience, but also a fantastic way to sort through so many filters quickly when trying to find the perfect look and feel for your next photo. The interface is basic and the performance is decent, but the sheer number of filters is what makes this app worth checking out.

After installing Mega Photo, you can open it up and immediately start digging through the different filters to see what … Read more

Mega CEO: Forget anonymous e-mail. Think privacy (Q&A)

The future of secure, private e-mail doesn't lie in Silicon Valley, or Silicon Alley, or even in the Northern Hemisphere, but in New Zealand.

At least, that's what Chief Executive Vikram Kumar wants to turn into a reality.

After Kim Dotcom's Mega shook up the secure storage world, offering a mind-boggling, industry-leading 50GB of encrypted free space, the company startled the world again by announcing that it would be building an encrypted e-mail service -- but only after the unexpected closure of Ladar Levinson's Lavabit.

In the wake of the unexpected secure e-mail … Read more

U.S. Cellular picks up Samsung Galaxy Mega Sept. 17

Already staking its claim on AT&T, the Samsung Galaxy Mega and its enormous 6.3-inch screen are making a home at U.S. Cellular.

The extra-large "phablet" will sell for a budget $150 on contract, after an instant rebate.

Eager customers can buy it online starting tomorrow, September 17, and those who opt for in-store purchase will find it in carrier shops on September 19.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Mega has no stylus or extra tricks to spice up Samsung's typical Android experience.

It does, however, have a modern OS -- Android … Read more

Episode 50: A high-tech music venue plus the Lumia 1020

It's taken a little over a year for us to deliver 50 episodes. Through half a hundred episodes, we've BlackBerry'd the streets of Barcelona, dropped a boulder on a MacBook Pro, and dueled fitness bands in a high-altitude mud run. Not to mention the dozens of other unboxings, future techs, and road tests that have taken us to the techiest corners of the world. This episode continues our tradition and celebrates our golden anniversary with style.

First up, we head to Marin County to TRI Studios. This high-tech musician's playpen is the stomping grounds of Grateful … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Mega teardown: Oversized phone with average hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Mega looks like an oversize version of the Galaxy S4. But looks can be deceiving. The Mega may best the S4 in sheer size, but it lags behind Samsung's flagship phone in nearly everything else.

At 3.46 inches wide, 6.59 inches tall, and a weight of just over 7 ounces, the Galaxy Mega is a monster phone or a small tablet -- depending on your point of view. And if you're really into cute product names, you can even call this crossover device a phablet.… Read more

Kim Dotcom exits Mega post to follow other pursuits

Kim Dotcom is resigning from data storage provider Mega in order to focus on his extradition case and political aspirations.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the flamboyant director of Mega resigned August 29 and was replaced by Hong Kong-based Bonnie Lam the same day, according to Companies Office filings.

In an e-mailed statement, Mega chief executive Vikram Kumar told the publication that Dotcom -- otherwise known as Kim Schmitz -- resigned "to be able to focus on the extradition case, an upcoming music website, and to build a political party."

Earlier this month, Dotcom told his Twitter … Read more

Bigger Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 not at all better

For a phone that's all screen, you'd expect the enormous 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega to dazzle. It certainly joins mammoth smartphones like the Galaxy Note 2, LG G2, Huawei Ascend Mate, and Sony Xperia Z Ultra as an option for people who would rather own one large device than a phone and a tablet. However, the Mega's only-720p HD resolution simply doesn't support its vast display.

Absurdly large and not very portable, the Android 4.2 Mega -- for AT&T, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular -- is nevertheless the right size and price … Read more