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McAfee SafeKey review

McAfee SafeKey can hold all of your passwords safely, but it takes a while to set up. Depending on how much you use McAfee products, you may have to sign up for multiple accounts just to access this app's features. That doesn't bode well for this program, especially when there are other easy-to-use, effective password managers available.

This program serves as a home for all of your passwords. It can log in for you on some Web sites, as well, and syncs to your desktop or tablet app if you have one. Your passwords are all held in … Read more

McAfee Site Advisor review

McAfee Site Advisor is a rare helpful browser add-on that will tell you exactly what to expect from a Web site. It fits in seamlessly with most browsers and is constantly updated with new information on top Web sites. While it may make you second guess some of your browsing behavior, it's still a worthwhile add-on to have.

This program puts a small icon in your browser's URL bar that will help you gauge whether or not a site can be trusted. The icon changes colors -- green, yellow, and red -- based on how much of your … Read more

McAfee Labs Stinger review

McAfee Labs Stinger is a quick, portable virus scanner, but it lacks the features you'd find in more dynamic virus suites. If you need active protection as you download files and other things you'd expect from programs like Avira or avast!, this isn't the program you want. However, if you're comfortable just finding problems after they've infected you, this program will dig deeper than some virus-scanning apps.

Though this is anti-virus software, it's not in the same class as Windows Defender or other programs, because it doesn't offer active protection, i.e., warnings … Read more

Review: McAfee LiveSafe 2014


Feature-packed: LiveSafe is a hefty 170MB, but that's no surprise, given its many features. These include antivirus, spyware, and home-network protection, as well as a built-in firewall. Cross-device protection is available for both Android and iOS.

Beyond malware: McAfee has also packed in storage and management tools, including a password manager, a device-management console, and protective measures against phishing attacks.

Multiplatform: Once installed properly, SafeKey works across browsers, provided you have the extension installed.


Fragmentation: McAfee offers separate services and experiences without many breadcrumbs to inform users of other services' existence. Device management could have been integrated … Read more

The 404 1,344: Where we seem to have an invisible touch (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Man stabbed and robbed of Grand Theft Auto V.

- Why a disembodied finger can't be used to unlock the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S.

- McAfee reveals the most dangerous celebrities of 2013.

- A Redditor in Turkey found the greatest Beats by Dre knockoff ever.

- Popular counterfeit site in China offers its own counterfeit Beats by Dre: the "Beating S-tudio headphone."… Read more

Review: McAfee Mobile Security for Android analyzes risk

MMS version 3 adds several new features that include custom profile setups, improved analysis of data exposure, and backup operations over Wi-Fi. These updates come alongside Mobile Security's Basic free tier features, which come with mobile antivirus, anti-theft, and backup services. McAfee's mobile efforts focus on using both preventative and recovery measures during worst-case scenarios, with a Premium service that also comes with extra features.

According to Ari Jaaksi, McAfee's SVP of Mobile Engineering, "When consumers contemplate securing their smartphones and tablets, they often think in terms of their susceptibility to mobile malware, overlooking the very … Read more

McAfee updates Android security app, adding Free and Premium versions

On Tuesday, McAfee updated its Mobile Security app (now called McAfee Antivirus & Security) for Android and added several new features that include custom profile setups, improved analysis of data exposure, and backup operations over Wi-Fi.

These updates are added on top of Mobile Security's Basic free tier features like mobile antivirus, anti-theft, and backup services. McAfee aims to protect their users through both preventative and post-catastrophic measures, with added security features in the Premium service.

According to Ari Jaaksi, McAfee's SVP of Mobile Engineering, "When consumers contemplate securing their smartphones and tablets, they often think in … Read more

Cybercrime costing economy up to $500B a year, study finds

Cybercrimes cost the global economy up to $500 billion annually, and can potentially result in the loss of 500,000 jobs in the United States alone.

These findings were highlighted in a report released Tuesday by the Center of Strategic and International Studies and commissioned by McAfee. Aimed at measuring real-world losses from cyberattacks, the center enlisted economists, intellectual property experts, and security researchers to develop the report. The researchers also based their estimates on comparisons to real-world analogies such as losses in car crashes, piracy, pilferage and crime, and drugs.

The generally accepted range for cybercrime losses to the … Read more

McAfee and Intel announce cross-device security service LiveSafe

As consumers begin to own more and more devices, the risks of increased security threats and a greater need for cross-platform protection have emerged, according to McAfee. In a joint partnership with Intel, McAfee announced on Tuesday the all-encompassing security suite LiveSafe.

LiveSafe is a comprehensive set of security measures that protect the files and digital assets that users value most. According to Mike DeCesare, president of McAfee, "Our digital lives have become more complex as we connect, share, and store data through multiple devices."

McAfee addresses the rising need for security across the fragmented landscape of gadgets … Read more

Boost your password strength, win an Ultrabook

You've probably heard that regularly changing your password is an important part of protecting your personal information. Even more critical is choosing a password that is difficult to crack. Intel aims to educate and hopefully inspire users to create safer passwords with their just-announced Password Win contest. 30 first prize winners will receive McAfee All Access 2013 and three grand prize winners will be given Intel Ultrabooks.

Entering is easy. Head to Intel's official sweepstakes page and input a password that you think is difficult to crack. Intel will then tell you how long it would take hackers … Read more