Without APIs, there is no cloud computing

An application-programming interface is one of the key technical facilitators of cloud computing.

Besides the obvious usage of an API to access services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), third-party applications that add graphical user interfaces to cloud services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Twitter also take advantage of APIs to access the services.

API-hosting provider Mashery makes the claim in a recent blog post that "without APIs, there is no cloud computing." And while that sounds a bit self-serving, it's probably true, at least in the current state of how we interface with … Read more

How do you replicate big-box retailers online? Mashery has an answer

Offline, vendors recognize the importance of moving products as close to the would-be consumer as possible. Retailers, fast food chains, and other vendors therefore build physical locations all over the world, seeking to be physically proximate to potential customers.

Online, we still somehow believe that it's acceptable to build one store (e.g., and expect the world to beat a path to the vendor's door.

Best Buy doesn't think so, and is doing some exceptionally interesting work with San Francisco-based Mashery to effectively replicate and extend the local shopping experience online.

The key to it all is the API (application programming interface), as The New York Times describes, which "lets Web sites make their content easily available to other Web developers, who can import it, display it on their own sites and mash it up with other material."

In Best Buy's case, this means making its product catalog available to the world. No big deal? Consider that this essentially opens up a Best Buy store on every niche Web site on the planet (that chooses to use the Best Buy Remix API, of course). Perhaps I'd like to provide detailed information about scanners that I want to sell. Best Buy's Remix lets me leverage its catalog (along with product reviews and more).

The next phase for Best Buy? Open up its shopping cart, as well, so that each of these corner stores becomes not only a place to browse but also a place to buy Best Buy products, taking a share of the sale in the process. Best Buy everywhere...even more than it could hope to achieve offline.

Best Buy, however, isn't alone in this. Mashery is also working with MTV, which suggests the following services with its API as a starting point:… Read more

Executive moves: Laura Merling heads to Mashery

Laura Merling, former head of SDForum and vice president of Business Development at Krugle, today joins Mashery as its vice president of Sales and Marketing. Mashery makes it easy to deploy web services (as Reuters recently discovered with its Calais service, which used Mashery).

I've known Laura for six years. She was the one who made SDForum relevant in open source. She was the one who brought Krugle to my attention. I'm certain she'll continue to do what she does best at Mashery: raise awareness, build connections, and put lots more miles on her car. (Buy, Laura, … Read more