Star Apps: Jason Dohring

Having played a 400-year-old vampire, a serial killer, mass murderer Timothy McVeigh, and most recently a murder suspect, actor Jason Dohring is no stranger to playing bad boys. Reprising his role as Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars's emotionally volatile ex in the silver-screen adaptation of hit TV show "Veronica Mars," Dohring is confident that longtime fans and newbies alike will enjoy watching teenage detective Veronica Mars all grown up and cracking another gripping case. "Veronica Mars" is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

The "Veronica Mars" film has become one of the most successful KickstarterRead more

I backed 'Veronica Mars,' but DRM is hobbling my reward

When I heard the "Veronica Mars" movie was up on Kickstarter, I ran over to the crowdfunding site and elatedly flung my $35 pledge at the project. Along with 91,584 other people, I helped raise $5.7 million to fund the film. This past Friday, it was officially released into theaters. My town of Albuquerque, N.M., however, was not on the theater list. But, never fear, my pledge included a digital copy of the film.

My official Kickstarter email arrived, with a link to a Digital Ultraviolet version of the film, accessed through the Flixter streaming video service. Cool. So, I went through the sign-up, got a Flixster and Digital Ultraviolet account, and settled in to watch it stream. It started to load. Then, it stopped.… Read more

Stephen Hawking: In 50 years, we'll be living on the moon

I can just imagine the ads.

One-hundred-twenty-year-old Richard Branson would like you to be one of the first to live in the Virgin Moon Residences.

There will be three Virgin Galactic (or perhaps Virgin Lunartic) flights there daily and the residences will be all-inclusive properties with the option of timeshares. They will even have their own mayor: a still-gray Newt Gingrich.

Is my brain suddenly marble-free? No, I've been reading the latest predictions from Stephen Hawking.

As the Daily Mail reports, the famed physicist was speaking Sunday night on UK TV in a program called "Live From Space."Read more

Here's what Mars looks like during its spring thaw

If you want to get in some snowboarding on Mars, you had better hurry up and get over there. The planet is already busy thawing out for springtime. NASA released an image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in mid-January showing sand dunes from the northernmost reaches of Mars as they begin to shed their winter coats.

Instead of snow, the dunes are covered with carbon dioxide ice, better known on Earth as "dry ice," the stuff you throw in a punch bowl for a Halloween party.… Read more

NASA says it wants to go to Jupiter's crazy moon, Europa

NASA and the White House are asking Congress to bankroll a new intrastellar road trip to a destination that's sort of like the extraterrestrial Atlantis of our solar system -- Jupiter's intriguing moon, Europa.

On its surface, Europa appears to be an iced-over rock orbiting the biggest planet in our neighborhood and often getting nuked by Jupiter's radiation belt. However, it's believed that a subsurface ocean exists beneath the ice, kept liquid by a phenomenon called tidal flexing. Just last month, Hubble spotted evidence of a plume of water vapor at the moon's south pole.… Read more

Buy a name for yourself -- on a Martian crater

You may not make it to Mars yourself, but perhaps your name will.

A space-education project called Uwingu announced Wednesday a project to raise $10 million in grants for space research and education by selling naming rights to half a milion craters on Mars.

How much does your shot at fame cost? Small craters are $5, but bigger ones are more expensive -- one crater I found that's 24 miles in diameter costs $500.

The project offers very wide latitude for names ("Sarah's large hole in the ground"), but you have to submit an explanation, and … Read more

Fatwa forbids Muslims from traveling to Mars

If you were excited about the possibility of taking a one-way trip to Mars in the next decade and you just happen to be an observant Muslim, you may suddenly be out of luck.

The Khaleej Times of Dubai reports that a fatwa committee has forbidden Muslims from taking a one-way trip to the Red Planet. You may recall that the Mars One project aims to send a group of colonists to Mars as soon as 2024, followed by a second group a few years later.… Read more

Mars 'jelly doughnut' mystery finally solved

A mystery rock which seemed to appear out of nowhere on Mars last month stirred up much speculation among alien enthusiasts, but it appears the mystery is solved. The answer is more simple than sci-fi.

NASA said Friday that the mysterious rock, which resembled a jelly doughnut, is actually just a piece of a larger rock that the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity drove over in January. … Read more

Happy Valentine's Day, from Mars

Mars loves us. And how do we know? Because it's covered in heart-shaped features that are obviously there to tell us how much we're loved by our red neighbor.

Today, as a special NASA Valentine, the space agency shared a set of photographs of the various Martian hearts, images it gathered over three Martian years, and first published on Valentine's Day 2004.

The imagery was gathered by the Mars Global Surveyor Mars Obiter Camera team.

Among the photographs are hearts located in various Martian mesas and depressions.

The imagery may be more than ten years old, but … Read more

NASA photos show possible flowing water on Mars

There could be salt water runnin' in them thar Martian hills! At least that's how NASA's news Monday of new evidence of the potential presence of flowing salt water sounded to my ears here in the southern Rockies.

The above photo from NASA's spacecraft orbiting Mars is a picture of dark markings that scientists say suggest seasonal flows down a slope, overlaid with colors from a mineral-mapping spectrometer observing the same region. NASA says the dark, fingerlike markings advance down some slopes when temperatures rise. … Read more