marketplace raises $50M from Google Capital, an online marketplace where users can sell and buy real estate in an auction setting, has raised a significant sum of capital for its future growth.

Google Capital and announced on Wednesday that the search company's growth-equity firm has dropped $50 million in the real estate marketplace on a valuation of $1.2 billion. A Google Capital representative will also join's board.

Irvine, Calif.-based handles "tens of thousands of transactions" in both commercial and residential real estate every year. The company's online platform launched in 2008, … Read more

Alleged Silk Road creator indicted on 'kingpin' charges

The alleged operator of the online drug bazaar Silk Road, which was seized last October, has been indicted on four charges.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara announced Tuesday that Ross Ulbricht, who allegedly went by the moniker "Dread Pirate Roberts," could now face a minimum of 30 years in prison and a possible maximum sentence of life in prison.

The charges against Ulbricht include counts of narcotics conspiracy, continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to commit computer hacking, and money laundering conspiracy. The "continuing criminal enterprise" charge, or "kingpin" … Read more

From Bordeaux to Warhol: Amazon goes high-brow

Tucked somewhere in the Amazon campus in Seattle, there is a room that has holds some very important racks of wine.

The bottles are handled carefully. With gloved hands, an Amazon photographer pulls each one off a wire rack and then photographs it so that online shoppers can see each bottle in a clean setting. An image of each bottle's label and description will be uploaded to site so shoppers can look at them in detail. This has happened thousands of times, for each type of wine Amazon sells. It is decidedly not how Amazon sells DVDs or books. … Read more

Amazon lets third-party sellers in on holiday deals

Amazon is offering third-party sellers a new way to showcase their products this holiday season as the online retail giant faces an antitrust investigation in Germany.

Third-party sellers on Amazon will have the ability to promote their holiday deals on the e-retailers special holiday sales pages, the company announced on Monday. Amazon gave third-party sellers similar opportunities in high-traffic areas earlier this year.

According to Amazon, sellers invited to take part in the program will be able to offer deals across many of the site's most popular pages, including its Today's Deals, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deal … Read more

Silk Road drug busts multiply, eight new people arrested

Authorities are not stopping with the takedown of Silk Road's alleged owner; they've also started going after supposed drug dealers who used the online black market Web site.

Since alleged owner Ross Ulbricht's indictment last week, eight people in three different countries have been arrested in association with Silk Road. Authorities claim all these people were dealing drugs on the site.

In the US, two people were arrested in Bellevue, Wash., for allegedly dealing cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine to hundreds of buyers, according to journalist Brian Krebs. Steven Lloyd Sadler, 40, was allegedly a top seller on … Read more

What Evernote has learned from Apple

You might think Phil Libin is a little crazy. Several months ago, the CEO of Evernote was sitting down with a pack of Post-its, slowly peeling away one piece of paper at a time from the gradually shrinking stack, repetitively.

He was in awe, studying the adhesive on each brightly colored note. "You should try it. There are millions beads of glue on the back of each of them," he told me.

I suppose you could call what Libin was doing due diligence. On Monday in San Francisco, Evernote officially announced a partnership between itself and 3M, the … Read more

Apple joins the iPhone trade-in game

CNET Update compares buy-back quotes:

In this episode of Update:

- Add the Apple Store to the list of options for selling an old iPhone.

- Play music and send animated stickers with Facebook's updated Android apps.

- Learn about the latest pre-paid wireless provider, Aio Wireless.

- Say farewell to the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's now called the Xbox Games Store.

- Follow your favorite blogs with the Digg RSS reader app on Android.

- Prepare for Aereo to stream on Android devices in September.


iTunes (HD)iTunes (SD)iTunes (HQ)

RSS (HD) | … Read more

Microsoft to close Xbox PC Marketplace on August 22

Microsoft has officially decided to close down its PC Marketplace.

The company announced the news late Thursday, saying that on August 22, it will shutter the PC Marketplace platform. The move comes in conjunction with Microsoft's announcement earlier this year that it will ditch its virtual currency, Microsoft Points, in favor of local currency in an upcoming Xbox system update.

It's worth noting that Microsoft has not killed Games for Windows Live. Titles that gamers have already purchased through the PC Marketplace will remain available after August 22. According to Microsoft, this move means only that gamers won'… Read more

Google Play store's redesign reveals Glass support

Google Glass, the search giant's significant step into wearable computers, has found a home for applications.

The search company on Tuesday launched the expected redesign of its online Google Play marketplace. Early this morning, an Android user, Nicolas Gramlich, posted a screenshot to his Google+ page showing that one of the titles available in the marketplace includes support for Google Glass.

That screenshot came just a few hours after the Android and Me site posted a screenshot showing that Google Glass is included as a supported device for Google Play applications. Upon choosing Google Glass in the dropdown, however, … Read more

Apple Store hit with partial outages, but all is well again

Apple's online store was very recently hit with some partial outages in countries around the world.

When customers browsed to the company's online stores in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, they found that several images and page elements were missing. 9to5Mac, which reported on the issue earlier Monday, posted an image of an entirely text-based German Apple Store; no images were displayed.

According to 9to5Mac's report, the partial outage was due to a Content Delivery Network error that nixed Apple's many design elements and left only the page's text.

It didn't take … Read more