The 404 1,424: Where we say 'Good Night' to you (podcast)

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Man arrested after posting YouTube video of alleged pot garden

If I had lots of marijuana growing in my garden, I'm not sure I'd make a video of it and post it to YouTube.

It might attract the wrong crowd. Law enforcement, for example.

However, 46-year-old William Bradley allegedly decided that he wanted to make a public display of his green fingers -- and got himself arrested.

The YouTube video, entitled "Hope Garden," is still live. It shows Bradley offering a guided tour of what he says are his plants.

However, this wasn't a frivolous exercise. Bradley explained in the video -- posted in October … Read more

Scientists find natural hormone that counteracts marijuana high

They're dancing slowly in the streets of Colorado.

Why would anyone want to dampen their joy at being able to legally buy pot?

Yet along comes a bunch of French researchers to suggest that the brain has natural defenses against the nice feelings generated by the very popular plant.

As Agence France-Presse reports, the researchers probed with lab rats and discovered that the naturally occurring hormone pregnenolone seems to counteract the high delivered by marijuana.

The research, published in Science magazine, explained that initially pregnenolone was thought to be "the inactive precursor of all steroid hormones."

However, … Read more

The Apple store of pot

Let's say you were going to get into pot.

No, not for medicinal reasons. For money, for business, to secure your family's future and all that.

Suddenly, the state where you live decides that pot is quite an acceptable business proposition. So you decide to create a dispensary to attract the troubled, the monied and the naturally pot-headed.

What should your dispensary look like? Should it have large leaves on the walls and be called Pot Jungle? How about placing random beige towels and armchairs about the place and calling it Pot Barn?

Andy Williams, a 45-year-old former … Read more

The 404 1,385: Where we trade in our nuggets (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Inside Coin's techie vision for the all-in-one credit card.

- Denver's smell-o-scope targets marijuana's skunky scent.

- Millenials are starting to crowdfund their moves to NYC.

- Robot sex is the future, and the future is now.… Read more

Google Earth helps cops nab suspected marijuana grower

Oregon police have gotten savvy to some satellite surveillance technology: Google Earth.

That's right, the authorities in the southern corner of that state used Google Earth to nab a man suspected of growing more than his fair share of medical marijuana, according to the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

Apparently, the police caught word that Curtis W. Croft had been bragging about the prodigious weed crops he had been cultivating on his property. Checking out Google Earth, the police saw what looked to be satellite images of rows and rows of plants.

After verifying the crops with an aircraft, the … Read more

Man tweets he needs spliff; police reply 'awesome'

Those who have needs express them in different ways.

But, these days, most of these expressions involve social networking.

If you need to know whether your friends are having a better life than you, you go on Facebook to find out.

If you need to know about your ex's new job, you anonymously search on LinkedIn.

And if you need marijuana to get you through the day, you tweet your desperation and hope that a follower comes through.

This was the choice of Sunith Baheerathan.

A mechanic at a Toronto Mr. Lube, he needed a little something to lubricate … Read more

Shock: Research says pot makes you lazy (but not psychotic)

You are not going to bereefer this.

In fact, you might need to steady yourself by whatever means you normally choose to create a little peaceful comfort.

You see, a group of scientists have got together, studied the brains of pot smokers and decided that regular marijuanists have brains that enjoy deficiencies.

These, specifically, involve a stunted ability to synthesize dopamine, a little neurotransmitter which, when fed correctly, makes you want to start a company called Facebook, climb Kilimanjaro, or run the 100 meters in 8.2 seconds.

Yes, a blunt can blunt your need to succeed.

I am grateful to PopSciRead more

Ex-Microsoft exec to create the Starbucks of marijuana?

When a product becomes a brand, it brings with it emotional values that seep into your pores and make you feel good all over.

This is something Jamen Shively hopes to do for a product that has something of a start -- in that it already seeps into your pores and makes you feel good all over.

Or so I am told.

Shively, once upon a time, was a corporate strategy manager for Microsoft. Now the 45-year-old wants to create the nation's first brand of marijuana.

His idea, as he explained to the Seattle Times, is to buy his … Read more

Russian Wikipedia's 'smoking pot' page goes bong-less

Russian "Cheech and Chong" fans, rejoice! The Russian language Wikipedia page for "smoking Cannabis" is no longer under the gun from government censors, but to get totally free and clear of the law, it did have to hand over all of its paraphernalia.

Last week, Russian communications watchdog Roscomnadzor confirmed to RT that the page had been added to an Internet blacklist of sites with banned content launched by the Russian government last year.

The pot page is apparently just one of a handful on Wikipedia deemed to be in violation of Russian law (other includes an online library hosting "The Anarchist Cookbook" and its recipe for marijuana soup), but it appears that it may have been the last spliff straw for the government. Possession of marijuana is illegal in Russia, and penalties can often include harsh prison sentences.… Read more