Rumor: Siri to add Japanese, Mandarin, Russian next month

According to a new rumor, Siri may gain support for Japanese, Mandarin, and Russian as early as next month.

The news comes from a Chinese technology news site, DoNews (via Penn Olson), claiming to have spoken to an Apple engineer working on the Chinese-language version of Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant, Siri. The source told DoNews that internal testing has already begun and should result in a public product by next month.

With Apple widely expected to release a new iPad model next month (one that should include Siri functionality), having Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and Russian in Siri's arsenal … Read more

Chinese study helper

StudyBase Mandarin HSK helps teach Chinese with a variety of study tools. While the program is cluttered, its study aids overcome this handicap and will help students.

The program's interface was the biggest hurdle we encountered. The main screen was, oddly, a beach landscape with several buttons along the bottom. Our visit to the Help file and its definitions of each study tool made this program much less intimidating. The program featured several standard language study tools that provided a lot of simple support, such as a Chinese-to-English dictionary, grammar flashcards, and tutorials based on subjects like conjugating verbs … Read more

The 404 206: Where we only like you as a friend

It's true that we only think of you as a close friend, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate your support! On today's show, we attempt to sell off Jeff's old busted G4 Powerbook, make fun of Don Cheadle's awful British accent, fan out over the new Avengers movie, and do our impression of some of the most popular video game quotes. If nothing else, listen to this show for Jeff's spot on Mario!

So after yesterday's Apple announcement, Jeff and I have finally agreed to shed our ancient G4 Powerbooks for one of the new Macbooks. The question that I'm sure other people are asking right now is which one should we get? We both want to spend less than $2,ooo, so it's a toss-up between the $1,600 Macbook and the $1,999 Macbook Pro. Is the slightly larger screen and dual-video cards worth the $4,000 price difference? We've both gotten so comfortable using a 15 inch screen that it seems difficult to adjust to a 13 incher. And what about that giant one-piece track pad? There are so many questions to answer about the design, but we'll be getting both models into the office tomorrow, so that's when the deliberation will begin. Is anyone else in this boat with us, trying to decide between the two? For me, it's less a question about performance and more a deliberation about screen size. I don't travel much and don't do image or video editing (I don't even have Photoshop!), so maybe all those extra features aren't worth it for my purposes. Help!!

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The 404 184: Where New Jersey isn't as bad as we thought

Be careful what you wish for--after asking listeners to drunk dial us over the weekend, we get a ton of calls from a very inebriated public. On today's show, we finally announce the winner of our Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 contest! We also teach you how to recover a lost cellphone (or at least torture the thief), lament the new Iron Man 2 villain, and argue over who discovered Napster first.

My favorite story of the day is about getting mad AND getting even. A cell phone is becoming increasingly private. We use them to store personal photos, text message conversations, and voicemails; so how much does it suck to lose your phone? It's even worse when you know that someone is using your precious minutes to call their doofus friends out of country. Well, now you can get even. Maverick Mobile just released an application for your phone that lets you track and spy on the guy that's using your phone. You can listen in on their conversations and even send a piercing alarm to the phone that rings every time they try to invade your cell. Would-be phone thieves beware: we're watching you!

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