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6 security tips for using public Wi-Fi

Don't expose yourself in public. We all do it: switch on a phone, laptop, or tablet and hop on to a Wi-Fi hotspot in airports, coffee shops, trains, hotels, and other public places. The problem is, those networks are open -- even if they require a login and password, you may be sharing your files or leaving doors open to data thieves. You can't secure the network, but you can raise siege walls between your private information and the barbarians. Follow these six tips to network more safely.

1. Lock down your security settings.

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EasyNoter Pro review

EasyNoter Pro is closer to an actual handheld diary or daybook than any full-featured personal information manager we've seen, but now you can use it for free, too. An attractive widget opens like an eBook to reveal a Diary, Notes, Address book, and Reminders. The unique and highly functional 3D layout also combines cyber and paper concepts in unexpectedly productive ways. EasyNoter Pro is free with a registration key that requires your name and e-mail address, or you can buy a permanent license for less than $10.


Cool covers: The supplied skin, Tribute to Cosmos, is one of … Read more

Video Download Manager review

Video Download Manager lets you save all types of downloadable files, including YouTube videos, to your device, so you can play them later. Search through the in-app browser, find the files you want, and then organize them so you can always find them quickly when you want to.


Offline viewing: This app makes it easy to watch videos and view other types of downloadable media when you're offline. You can save all of your downloaded files into folders and name them whatever you want. And when you want to watch a video later, selecting it from the list … Read more

App Manager For Droid review

App Manager For Droid makes the removal of multiple apps from your device easier by enabling you to select several for uninstall at once, but lacks other features you'd expect from an app manager. Still, if you have a lot of apps on your smartphone and tablet and need a faster way to dispose of some of them, this app can help.

You won't find App Manager For Droid in the Play Store, so you need to download it from as an APK file and open it manually with a file manager. After launch, the app … Read more

Advanced Download Manager review

Advanced Download Manager makes file downloading easier by helping you download up to three files simultaneously and breaking larger files into smaller parts to speed up the process. It comes with a helpful but basic browser, sound notifications, and the ability to pause and resume downloads, as well as to save specific file types in different folders. If you constantly download non-Torrent files on your smartphone or tablet, this app will make your life easier.

After an effortless install, Advanced Download Manager greets you with a polished interface that quickly lets you start a new download by adding the file … Read more

Get RoboForm Everywhere password manager for free

Last month I wrote about a free password manager, recommending that all computer users everywhere should absolutely positively use such a program.

At the same time, I professed my love for Dashlane, a really polished password manager that I liked well enough to actually splurge for the Premium version. But lots of users proclaimed RoboForm the better product, and who am I to argue?

Today only, Glarysoft is offering RoboForm Everywhere (Win/Mac) absolutely free. Specifically, you're getting a one-user, one-year license for the software/service, which normally runs $19.95 (and will again after your year expires).

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PhotoDirector 5 review

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editor and manager that gives you complete control over your digital photography workflow. For new users and photography veterans alike, PhotoDirector has robust tools to help you perfect each snapshot.


Intuitive interface: PhotoDirector shares many traits with tried-and-true workflow interfaces like Lightroom. Primary adjustment and management tools are in menus that are aligned to the screen edges. Manual-adjustment sliders give you incremental control over every aspect of your photo file, from standard color-correction, brightness, and noise-removal tools to more perspective-altering adjustments like lens correction.

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Partition like a pro with our Aomei giveaway

Anyone with the right set of tools can partition a hard drive. Aomei Technology aims to make the process even easier by bringing you these tools absolutely free with its Partition Assistant Pro giveaway. From March 12, 2014, to March 19, 2014, you can get the popular professional disk-management utility at no cost, exclusively on

Why partition your hard drive?

Partitioning tells your computer to treat different portions of your hard disk as separate drives. This makes creating backups faster and easier, as most data backup tools target entire disks. Keep essential files (like the OS) on one … Read more

Embark on a space survival adventure on iOS

Out There is a sort of a turn-based space survival game where your job is to stay alive long enough to get back to Earth. What's interesting is that it plays out a bit like the card game Solitaire; even if you do everything right, you're going to need a lot of luck in order to win.

Out There isn't an action game, and you won't take part in big space battles. And no, there's no fire button or twitch-like controls at all. Instead, it's a dark, melancholic sci-fi adventure backed by an equally … Read more

Uninstall native Windows 8 apps you don't need

Think of those poor, lonely apps pre-installed on Windows 8 PCs that are destined to remain unopened: Travel, Reminders, Maps, Camera, Notes...Reading List?

These are only a few of the many programs preloaded on my Windows 8 PC that I have never opened and am unlikely to use in the future. Windows 8's Start screen is jam-packed with shortcuts to orphan apps such as these. If you'd rather not live with an overcrowded Start screen, you can remove the unused programs -- or at least unpin them from the screen -- with just a few clicks.

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