The 404 1,420: Where we ring and run (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Discussing five movies about relationships per month could cut the three-year divorce rate in half.

- Beware the one-ring phone sex scam.

- Tech is cruelly ripping teens from their natural shopping mall habitats.

- Facebook celebrates 10 years with Look Back.

- Today's show and tell features this collectible Batman figure from Side Show Toy!… Read more

eBay said to open online mall to lure fancy brands

Word has it that eBay has plans to open an online marketplace that caters to various brands, according to The Wall Street Journal. Rather than using the eBay moniker, this site is said to be called "The Plaza."

On "The Plaza," it's said that brands will be able to sell directly to consumers -- just like with eBay -- but won't have to be listed next to second-hand items or possible knock-offs.

The news of the possible new marketplace comes via a report from Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter, according to the Journal. The analyst … Read more

Mall of the future? eBay's new storefronts can gather your data

SAN FRANCISCO -- Uri Minkoff, CEO of fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff, climbed through an opening in a wall leading to an empty retail space inside the Westfield Shopping Centre in downtown San Francisco. It was an unexpected sight: The stylish Minkoff, sporting a slim-fitted blazer and designer jeans, checking out the dark room, construction material strewn about.

But Minkoff doesn't care about the room itself; he cares about the entrance, where there is a computer setup that, he hopes, will boost his sales this holiday season. That's where potential shoppers will touch a piece of glass, iPad style, … Read more

Best Buy chops older iPad prices as much as 30 percent

Consumers looking to pick up an iPad will find discounts as high as 30 percent courtesy of Best Buy.

The retailer is offering the 16GB version of the 3rd-generation iPad $314, down from $449. The 32GB will run you $384, down from $549. And the 64GB edition is on sale for $454, down from $649.

The discounts also extend to the cellular flavors of the iPad 3, mostly with A&T but at least one with Verizon.

Consumers not interested in the iPad can also land a few discounts at Best Buy.

The first-generation version of Amazon's Kindle Fire is on sale for $99, … Read more

Complaints on Facebook get mall Santa fired

If you thought that Santa was immune from social media's self-righteous stare, then you must still believe he's real.

This has been conclusively proved at the Maine Mall in Portland, where Santa didn't seem to be having a great day.

Well, if you've got snotty, self-centered kids crawling all over you, shrieking like circus parakeets, wouldn't you get your baggy pants in a twist occasionally?

As the Daily Dot has it, this Santa (yes, there really are more than one) might have taken the "n" out of the middle and placed it at … Read more

Google and Boingo to furnish malls with free Wi-Fi

From urban to suburban, Google and Boingo continue to work on their nationwide free Wi-Fi project. The two companies announced today that free hotspots are coming to eight malls in the U.S, according to GigaOm.

It's not yet clear which malls will get the service, but Google and Boingo did say that at least four will be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tampa, and Seattle.

This news comes on the heels of the Google and Boingo partnering to bring free Wi-Fi to several of New York City's subway stations as well as to 200 other above-ground hotspots … Read more

Cell-phone tracking mall operator has second thoughts

It seems that the Cleveland mall operator who last week declared it was tracking mall shoppers in California and Virginia via their cell phones has had a change of, perhaps, heart.

CNN reports that Forest City Commercial Management might have been encouraged to change its mind, heart, and attitude by a phone call from the office of Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).

The phone call might have directly relayed the substance of a press conference the senator gave on Sunday.

In it, he suggested that perhaps a more polite way to go about these things was to ask shoppers if they'… Read more

eBay launches virtual outlet mall for U.S.

Hoping to tap the expanding online fashion market, eBay this week launched Fashion Outlet, a virtual U.S. outlet mall that lets brands and designers connect directly with eBay customers. Think of that outlet mall in the boonies without the drive down some random highway.

The launch of the fashion outlet follows the debut of eBay outlet sites in the U.K. and Germany. The fashion items sold through the "Buy It Now" feature are priced at 20 percent to 65 percent off retail price, making them comparable price-wise to items found at outlets, Miriam Lahage, eBay's … Read more


Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

Netflix gets licensing rights to stream Disney and ABC TV shows and movies

Google shows off a much-needed update to Google Groups

YouTube is holding a popularity contest for musicians

Forthcoming notebooks running Google's Chrome operating system seem to be missing the caps lock key

Bing Maps now help you navigate the local mall

A new study shows that Android users hog up more data than other smartphone users

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Bing now maps the inside of your mall

Malls are, by their very nature, quite large, and while that lends itself well to a diversified retail experience, it can also be overwhelming, if you're visiting one for the first time (like in a new city) and don't know the layout.

To that end, Bing now maps out which stores are inside of malls instead of just placing a map marker on the building itself. Similar to satellite imagery when viewing Bing Maps on a mobile device or in the Bing Maps beta, the mall layer pops up only when you're at a certain zoom level. … Read more