Sothink Movie DVD Maker review

Sothink Movie DVD Maker gives you the ability to convert movies on your computer that are saved in a wide variety of formats and burn them to a DVD. Through the app's streamlined interface, you can choose the files you want, adjust your preferences, and complete the burning process.


Preference options: There are tons of useful settings for completing a conversion and creating a DVD in this program. For instance, you can select the type of Zoom Mode you want from options including Letterbox, Pan and Scan, and Stretch. You can also specify the TV system you'd … Read more

InstaFrame Photo Collage Maker review

InstaFrame Photo Collage Maker creates well-executed photo collages right on your Android phone and then shares them online with a few taps. This free but ad-supported app's layout templates made it easy to set up collages. We could add attractive frames, stickers, text, and more. We tried InstaFrame Photo Collage Maker in a Samsung Galaxy SIII running Android 4.3.


Layouts: InstaFrame offers a wide range of blank layouts in five different ratios: 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, and 2:1.

Stickers: We could jazz up our collages with a variety of stickers, including regularly … Read more

Sothink Logo Maker Professional review

A one-stop solution for the creation of professional logos, Sothink Logo Maker Professional retains the practicality of previous versions while introducing new freeform design elements, better color management, and copious presets and ready-made design elements.


Stimulates creativity: Sothink Logo Maker Professional impressed us with its available presets and the huge, well-categorized collection of resources it offers. The well-laid-out interface panels provide access to all the features you need to design catchy logos.

Freeform tools: If you own a graphics tablet you can try your hand at creating new elements with a simulated pencil, brush, or pen, or starting from … Read more

Sothink Logo Maker review

Sothink Logo Maker 3.5 provides all the necessary elements and tools you need to quickly design great-looking logos. You can either start from a clean sheet of paper or launch and modify one of the many available templates.


Quick learning curve: Completely self-explanatory, Sothink Logo Maker's interface allows even novice users to start designing logos right away. Within 10 minutes we had a good idea of the menus, and 30 minutes later we had completed logos that looked clean and professional.

Number of options: It's hard to find a subject, shape, or effect not covered by … Read more

CyberLink PowerProducer review

PowerProducer 6 takes advantage of Cyberlink's video heritage to help you create differentiated disc creations of your videos, photos, or a mix of the two. Editing is also enhanced by some good tools and a number of templates that will help you arrive at an overall attractive result.


Good guidance through creation stages: Cyberlink PowerProducer 6 targets home video users who wish to be well guided through the whole process of creating a presentation. We found all steps very pleasurable to follow, and the end results were above what most home users would manage in a manual environment.… Read more

Fake Fairy Photo Maker review

Fake Fairy Photo Maker lets you add fairies to your photos, resize them to fit the spot you want, and then share your photos with friends. You can send your fairy photo creations straight to Facebook and Twitter right from the app, and then go back to creating more fun fantastical images.


Smooth positioning: When you're adding fairies to your photos, you'll have to do a lot of manipulation to get the positioning just right, and the app couldn't make that process easier. You can expand and contract the fairies with just a swipe of your … Read more

Photo Movie Maker review

Photo Movie Maker lets you add audio tracks and multiple photos, and then turns them into a montage that you can share with friends. If you're looking for the perfect way to preserve your memories or just like to set your photos to music, this app is fun to play around with and intuitive to use.

You can do everything in Photo Movie Maker right from the main screen. The interface features three boxes that outline the steps involved in creating your video. At the top, you'll see options for adding sound. The soundtrack for your video can … Read more

Quick Screenshot Maker review

Quick Screenshot Maker requires an incredibly arduous setup and rarely works even if you do it correctly. It's by no means easy to take screenshots on a pre-Ice Cream Sandwich phone, but this takes things a little too far. Between the fact that you need your computer to make it work, and the fact that it could load your phone with ads, there aren't many positives about this app.

This app offers to take screenshots of your phone, but you need a computer to do it. The app's "helper" download works for Macs, Windows, and … Read more

MovieMaker for Mac review

MovieMaker for Mac gives you the tools to make movies from your photos and then share them with your friends through email or Vimeo. You can add entire folders or select photos individually, and then just process them and watch your movie.


Quick processing: Once you've added your photos, the Rendering step is very quick. And once it's done, you can view a preview of your movie to make sure everything is in order before you send it off to your friends.

Convenient sharing: If you're satisfied with the movie you've made, you can quickly … Read more

Handy Label Maker

Handy Label Maker lets you create and print high-quality labels for your contacts. It prints on specialized label paper like Avery 5160 and 8160, as well as envelopes, address sheets, and more. You can import, export, and search contacts from a variety of sources, including Google, Yahoo, and other email systems. It's free to try with a 20-contact limit, but the full version costs less than ten bucks. It's a sweet deal: If all you need to do is print a few labels, Handy Label Maker can do that. They're betting you'll like being able to … Read more