Love fights back! After BreakUp Text, now MakeUp Text

In love, people make mistakes.

You run hot under the collar, steam rises from your head, and scalding words get emitted that you wish had stayed indoors.

Before you know it, you've dumped the one person who truly understood that you were more messed up than most European economies, and actually tolerated that.

Sadly, in the new instant world, it's too easy to kiss your lover goodbye without even a kiss, as the fiendishly devious, recently released BreakUp Text app revealed.

This was an app that took the lumps out of dumping, by sending a text on your … Read more

The 404 960: Where we tweet from our seats (podcast)

Leaked from 404 Podcast 960:

Facebook exploit exposes Mark Zuckerberg's private photos. Theaters set aside tweet seats for Twitter users. Finally: an app that can detect Photoshopping. Rumor: Apple to release 32-55 inch TVs next year.… Read more

Cosmetic line eases HDTV complex(ion)

Even makeup has entered the age of high definition. To our surprise, Samsung recently teamed with makeup-services provider Make Up For Ever to present a workshop that paired makeup with HDTVs.

The rationale? The new demands of digital technology, where high definition tends to amplify details up to six times more than standard definition. This basically translates to talc-based makeup now accentuating, instead of hiding, those pimples, pigmentation, eyebags, enlarged pores and, horror of horrors, wrinkles when viewed on high-def TV.

This can be brutal not just for professional actors and actresses, but also for brides obsessed with their appearance … Read more