Magic Camera review

Magic Camera adds borders and effects to video or still images, including video chat. It can capture screenshots and video, apply emoticons and objects, paint and draw, add text, record Webcam feeds, and apply a range of filters, masks, and effects. Unfortunately, an awkwardly designed interface, garish graphics, and greeting card style give it the look of a holdover from an earlier age of Windows. Magic Camera is shareware, but you can try it with limited features before buying it.


Pink icing: If you like it sweet, these designs will probably appeal to you. Not everything is on the … Read more

FREE Calls with magicJack review

FREE calls with magicJack lets you place calls and receive both calls and voicemail for free, all through a familiar set of controls.


Intuitive interface: When you're using magicJack, you might forget you're not actually using the regular phone app on your device. The app imports your contacts, so they're right where you expect them to be. And there's a log of all your recent calls, as well.

Clear calls: All of the calls we placed through magicJack were clean and clear. There was no detectable static or interference, and the connection was completed right … Read more

Mullet Magic Haircut Booth review

Magic Mullet Haircut Booth lets you add mullet haircuts to one or more people in a photo, and then save that image or share it with friends. With this program, you can experiment with various different mullet styles until you find the one that best suits you or the subject of your photo. And you can resize it and rearrange it until it fits just right.

The first thing you have to do to start using Mullet Magic is to choose a photo, either by selecting an existing one from your camera roll or by taking one with your phone … Read more

Magical Eye Maze review

Magical Eye Maze sounds cool, but this free Android game doesn't look so good, at least on our phone's screen. It's an intriguing concept: a basic 3D maze, obscured by a screen of random dots. You must focus "behind" the dots to see the 3D stereogram, and trace the basic maze pattern, which starts (randomly) on one side and finishes on the opposite side.


Cool idea: Magical Eye Maze combines optical theory and a basic task to achieve a new objective: fun.

Free and easy: This free Android app is small in size and … Read more

DarkMagic Super Theme GO review

DarkMagic Super Theme Go features beautiful icons, interactive wallpapers, and a clever moon clock, but to fully enjoy it, you have to unlock the premium features. Its dark Gothic feel and awesome animations and effects can make your home screen much more interesting, but they deplete your battery in no time. For lovers of magic, however, this is an outstanding theme.

To enjoy all the effects of DarkMagic Super Theme Go, you need to have the latest edition of the popular GO LauncherEx installed on your computer. The first thing that will strike you about this theme is the wonderful … Read more

Review: Magic Hour Lite provides unlimited options for applying filters to your photos

Magic Hour Lite provides unlimited access to premade photo filters, and it also gives you the ability to create, save, and share your own. With this innovative app, there is literally no end to the combinations of effects you can apply to your photos to create the perfect finished product. And you can share the filters you create, as well, so other users can benefit from them, too.

The home screen of Magic Hour Lite offers options for taking a photo, choosing one from your photo albums, managing filters, or heading to the free filter market to find even more. … Read more

Review: Might & Magic Duel of Champions is a card game in the popular M&M universe

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions is a collectible card game for your iPad that is set in the universe of Might & Magic, and while it has quite a few fun features, it suffers in many ways from a poor interface and slow performance. We had multiple issues in testing, from slow load times to unresponsive controls; and while the game was, at times, fun, it also felt a bit dated.

When you load Might & Magic: Duel of Champions for the first time, you'll need to register for Ubisoft's Uplay account so you can play online. … Read more

Presto! iBalance magic trick makes smartphones float in midair

There are lots of magic tricks you can perform with your smartphone, usually using some combination of real-world objects (like, say, cards) and an app.

For example, with Card2Phone, physical items like coins and cards seem to disappear into an iPhone, then reappear again in the real world.

But with iBalance, the phone itself becomes the illusion. This new trick, designed for amateur and professional magicians alike, makes any smartphone appear to balance in an impossible way. Take a look:

As you can see, it's a pretty good piece of prestidigitation. I've dabbled in magic since I was … Read more

Review: InstaMagic combines numerous filters for a fun editing experience

InstaMagic is a photo editing app, but it features a number of fun and unique options that set it apart from the slew of other apps in this category. While not necessarily revolutionary in the field, InstaMagic manages to show us quite a few things that are new and allow you to customize your images in exciting ways you may not be used to.

When you open InstaMagic you'll be greeted by a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. The buttons are all at the base of the screen, the background is bright without being overwhelming, and there are no pop-up ads … Read more

Review: Magic Collage is loaded with options but has a steep learning curve

Magic Collage takes just about every feature you could want in a collage app and jams them into a half-dozen menus, and while effective, it can be tough to master. With so many options in so many menus (some of them harder to find than others), the process of finalizing and sharing a collage can be cumbersome if you are doing it for the first time.

When you open Magic Collage, it provides a brief run-through of the most important buttons in the app, but even the run-through is long, so you probably won't remember everything. From there you … Read more