Lytro camera software now supports 3D viewing

Around this time in 2012, Lytro, creator of the world's first consumer light field camera, updated the desktop software that's necessary for processing the camera's living pictures. That update included Perspective Shift, enabling Lytro users to slightly change the point of view of a living picture by clicking and dragging it in any direction.

Lytro Desktop 3.1 for Mac and Windows and Lytro Mobile 1.2 for iOS, take that a step further. With a little extra processing, any living pictures that have been processed for Perspective Shift can now be viewed in 3D.

By using … Read more

Lytro unlocks Wi-Fi for shoot-and-share iOS app

Instead of ignoring early adopters of the Lytro light-field camera, the company continues to reward them with new features brought to life through occasional software updates.

Since the hardware itself hasn't changed, though -- the camera is still the same as it was when it became available a little more than a year ago -- any new hardware-related features have to take advantage of what was there from the get-go. That includes the latest feature to be unlocked: Wi-Fi.

A free software update via Lytro's desktop software is all that's needed to unlock the camera's wireless … Read more

Camera startup Lytro names Jason Rosenthal new CEO

Lytro, a Silicon Valley startup making an unusual new light-field camera, said today Jason Rosenthal will take over as chief executive on April 15.

Rosenthal previously was an executive at Silver Lake Partners and CEO of social-networking start-up Ning. He also worked at AOL, Hewlett-Packard, Netscape, and OpsWare.

He'll replace interim CEO Charles Chi, who took over when founder Ren Ng stepped aside as CEO in 2012. Ng will remain executive chairman, the company said.

Lytro's light-field camera allows photographers to focus an image after the fact, but also reduces resolution and makes sharing photos less convenient than … Read more

Rumor Has It: Who wouldn't wear an Apple iWatch?

Happy new year!

This week, we've got a few rumors that are sure to turn heads. Apple is supposedly working on an accessory that could make Karyne's dream of being a secret agent finally come true: a smart watch! What features should it have? Leave us a comment!

Also this week, the next iteration of BlackBerry Messenger is rumored to come with a feature that other phones have had for quite a while; Toshiba is possibly working on a new technology that could be a game changer; and a Russian news site has a very unlikely video of … Read more

Toshiba has a Lytro-like camera for smartphones -- report

Toshiba is in the process of upping its smartphone camera game. The device-maker is creating Lytro-like camera technology for mobile devices that should be released before the end of 2013, according to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun (h/t Engadget).

Much like Lytro's light-field camera, Toshiba's technology reportedly lets users choose what part of a photo they'd like to focus on well after they've taken the shot. It will also allow users to put the entire picture into focus. For the most part, this type of technology has only been seen in Lytro cameras and has … Read more

Lytro camera

How many times have you taken a picture that would've been great if only it weren't out of focus? Well, Lytro's first-of-its-kind light-field camera solves that problem by letting you shoot first and focus later. The camera and software lets users create living pictures that can be focused again and again and again. And again.

Unfortunately, when it was initially released in March, the Lytro came across as unfinished with lots of promises for what was possible and what was to come, which included support for Windows.

To its credit, Lytro has made good on those promises … Read more

Lytro adds more ways to interact with its living pictures

Photos taken with Lytro's light field camera (aka living pictures) were already more interactive than a regular snapshot, letting you endlessly refocus the images by clicking on different parts of them. An upcoming software update takes the interactivity up a notch, letting you change the perspective of your shots, too.

The free Lytro Desktop software update, which rolls out December 4, adds this Perspective Shift feature, enabling Lytro users to slightly change the point of view of a living picture by clicking and dragging it in any direction.

For example, click and hold on the picture at the top … Read more

Episode 17: Kindle-palooza!

Last month's CEO Jeff Besos, unveiled the new Kindle line, complete with new updates to the current Kindles and an 8.9" Fire. Naturally, Molly bought all of the new kindles, including the "revolutionary" Paperwhite!

We unboxed the 7" Kindle Fire a few episodes back, and now it was time to enter it into our torture chamber. That Kindle Fire really took a beating from us, and we were all shocked to see it survive. I personally would be using it right now, but agree with Molly. It's just too WIDE to … Read more

Lytro update unlocks manual controls, exposure lock

From the time Lytro launched its first consumer Light Field Camera in March, the company has been clear that the Lytro you buy today will be able to do much more in the future.

For example, as of today, current Lytro owners can get a firmware update via the desktop software (available for Mac and Windows) to add some more control over the camera, including shutter speed and ISO.

Without control over shutter speed or ISO, most low-light shots I've taken end up looking like the above -- grainy with poor color. That's because the camera ramps up … Read more

Lytro gets more U.S. distribution, goes abroad

If you've longed for a Lytro Light Field camera, but couldn't bring yourself to buy one directly from the manufacturer's site, you're in luck.

Starting October 9, you'll be able to pick up a Lytro camera online at,, and in the U.S., while Canadians can stop by Future Shop to pick one up.

However, if you're more curious about putting your hands on one before you pony up $400 or $500, you'll have the chance to do so at new CityTarget stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, … Read more