Really Francis? Here's where 'House of Cards' could use IT help

The second season of "House of Cards" starring Kevin Spacey as ruthless politician Francis Underwood arrived in one big batch of 13 episodes exactly two weeks ago, and we've all been binge-watching since. By the way, if you haven't yet made it all the way through season 2, this is about as far as you should read without risking spoilers. I'll say that again in all caps for you skim-readers out there -- SPOILER ALERT!!! That's better.

The web of intertwined intrigue and drama this season also introduced a new plotline in which fictional Washington Herald deputy editor Lucas Goodwin becomes ensnared in a plot to gain access to an AT&T server farm with the assistance of shadowy hacker Gavin Orsay. Goodwin believes Orsay is assisting him in tracking down evidence of Underwood's murderous habits. Unbeknownst to Goodwin, however, Orsay is a grudging informant for the FBI, which is entrapping Goodwin to send him off to prison and out of Underwood's hair.… Read more

'Topiary' tells all: Prison, activism, and LulzSec's beginnings

LulzSec, a group of pranky hackers that ran amok starting in 2011, disbanded shortly after a high-profile cyberattack spree -- but in a world where such attacks are only becoming more common, the inside perspective is an intriguing one.

Jake Davis, a member who goes by "Topiary," took to the site to answer questions about the group's formation and his work as LulzSec's social media wiz. Davis was arrested by the British authorities and sentenced to two years in prison, though he was let out early.

The group caused a lot of trouble at … Read more

U.S. indicts Brit Ryan Cleary for Fox, PBS hacks

The British man that allegedly hacked into the Fox reality TV show "The X-Factor" and the "PBS News Hour," along with music companies and government security agencies, was indicted by a U.S. federal grand jury on conspiracy and hacking charges today, according to the Associated Press.

Ryan Cleary, 20, reportedly had ties to the well-known branch of Anonymous called LulzSec before he was arrested in London last June (although the hacktivist group denies his involvement with it). U.S. federal prosecutors said today that he worked to take down, deface, and steal personal information from … Read more

Alleged Anonymous members plead not guilty

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Anonymous may have became a little less anonymous this afternoon.

One by one, as alleged members of Anonymous heard their full legal names read aloud in a courtroom here, they stood before a federal judge and acknowledged that, yes, they understood the nature of the remarkably severe criminal charges that were filed against them in July.

The 14 defendants are facing felony charges of conspiracy and computer hacking stemming from last December's distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, attack against PayPal. It was organized in response to PayPal halting donations to WikiLeaks a few days earlier.

Magistrate Judge … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1515: There's something Buzzing in the Digital City (Podcast)

The NYC takeover of BOL continues, as the hardware heads from the Digital City talk about Day One problems with Apple's new Lion OSX update, the death of Google Labs, and who's getting hacked next.

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Buzz Out Loud 1498: Violent video games ok, "Cars 2" NOT (Podcast)

The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down California's attempt to ban the sale of violent video games to minors, arguing that the current ratings system is enough to let parents make informed decisions about what to buy. Unlike the MPAA's rating system, which led me and my 4-year-old to "Cars 2." Thanks for that, MPAA. Also, LulzSec tucks its puppykicker tail and runs away, but not before hacking a librarian and book-sharing Website. Nice.

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Hacking group LulzSec says it's calling it quits

After a whirlwind run of headline-grabbing hacking exploits that involved the likes of Sony, the CIA, the U.S. Senate, and FBI partner Infragard, hacking group LulzSec is apparently--and suddenly--calling it quits.

The group, which cropped up on many people's radar for the first time just last month, sent a tweet late today with a link to a document on Pastebin declaring that the group's run of cybermischief was coming to an end.

"It's time to say bon voyage," the statement reads. "Our planned 50 day cruise has expired, and we must now sail … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1497: Lytro is the camera of the future (Podcast)

Lytro's Founder and CEO Ren Ng Ph.D. stopped by the BOL studio today to discuss his new product the Lytro Light Field Camera which allows you to focus different depths of field within one photograph. We picked his brain about how the technology works and how it will evolve into the art of photography and beyond. We also discuss the FTC's probe into Google's business practices as well as the upcoming possible overhaul of the United States Patent office rules and regulations. Lulzsec continues to make news and publish the identity of its victims while a rival hacker group calling themselves TeaMp0ison has vowed to out the members of Lulzsec by publishing Lulzsec's identities and personal information in retaliation. All this and more on today's Buzz Out Loud with special guest host from Android Atlas Antuan Goodwin who has a deep fear of Zombies.

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Buzz Out Loud 1494: We Like + 1 Yonanna (Podcast)

The otherwise staid and professional Jason Hiner joins us from TechRepublic to discuss important issues like the amazing Yonanna machine, which turns your banana into froyo just like that! Ok, ok, in tech news, a 19-year-old is arrested in the UK, but LulzSec says he's just the IRC moderator. Sounds important to us. Plus, your Facebook and Twitter posts will haunt you for seven years, just like your bad credit card purchases.

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CIA Web site down; LulzSec claims responsibility

The CIA's public Web site is inaccessible this afternoon, and the hacking group Lulz Security is taking for responsibility for taking it offline.

Shortly before 3 p.m. PT, LulzSec tweeted: "Tango down - - for the lulz"

And indeed, the world's most famous spy agency is currently without an official Web presence, as of about 20 minutes after Lulzsec's returns an error message.

LulzSec has enjoyed a higher profile of late, thanks to a slew of successful attacks on prominent Web sites. In the past couple of months, the group … Read more