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Has Apple lost its edge? (video)

Has Apple lost its edge? It's the question bubbling up onto the tongues of tech fans across the globe. But in the newest episode of CNET's Adventures in Tech, we explain why Tim Cook and pals ain't going anywhere just yet.

Where's the new stuff?

Alright, there's no denying that Apple hasn't exactly been setting our collective hearts aflame recently. Meagre upgrades to the iPad, tiny tweaks to the iPhone and modestly modified Macs have become the norm -- but in the video above, we crunch some numbers and show why it's too … Read more

Restaurant on Google Glasser: Man-child stinking up the joint

We should be thankful for clarity.

There's so little of it around and sometimes it does a fine job of piercing the odorous fog.

One Seattle diner, the Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge, decided to be -- in its view, at least -- very clear with a customer about his wearing Google Glass while eating.

Nick Starr, a video teleconference network engineer, sat down at the diner with his Google Glass proudly perched on his nose. That nose was soon put out of joint when he was asked to take off the famed glasses or take off.

As he … Read more

Keep your phone from getting stolen (and what to do if it is)

At one point or another, every cell phone owner has experienced the onset of panic and despair that hits your gut the moment you realize your phone is missing. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit, and the loss or even active theft of a device as personal as a mobile phone only highlights our dependence on them.

In a related story, CNET's Kent German touches on different security measures you can take with your smartphone OS that can help keep thieves from using your phone once they have it. My job here is … Read more

Aussie-made Zelda fan film is a slice of genius

There are fan films by the hundreds out there, but our favorites are those that do something different -- that show a new side to our favorite characters and worlds, that tell new stories (without, preferably, trampling on the canon too hard while they do so).

A group of Australian fans teamed up a couple of years ago to make "Hylian Heroics," a short film made partially so creator Ken Abbott could muck about with some blood effects and partially because who wouldn't want to dress up like a Hylian and swing some weapons around?

Now the second video in the series has been released, made by Abbott and his troupe of acrobatic martial artist/circus performer friends, and it's sort of amazing. … Read more

The 404 1,323: Where Walmart rolls back the tech (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Cherry picking The Consumerist's Raiders of the Lost Walmart series.

- Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers by Baron von Brunk.… Read more

Xbox One perks are subscription only

CNET Update needs to work on its missile commanding skills:

In this episode of Update:

- Watch Microsoft unbox its own Xbox One, which doesn't come out for another three months. Also, learn what features require a Xbox Live Gold subscription, and how that differs from the PS4.

- Find your lost or misplaced Android phone with the newly released Android Device Manager. The program also lets users remotely wipe their data, if the phone gets in the wrong hands.

- Try out MixBit, the new video-editing app from YouTube's founders. Users can stitch small video clips together … Read more

Find your lost Android device with Android Device Manager

Google announced last week that it would release a new locator feature for Android devices called Android Device Manager, which helps owners find their lost or stolen phones and tablets. It was supposed to roll out later this month, but in a Google+ posting Wednesday, Google announced its immediate availability.

The feature works similarly to other locator services, like Lookout and Samsung's Find My Mobile, but now you get the feature natively on your Android device. Here's how to get started with Android Device Manager:

Enable Android Device Manager

On your Android device, go to the Google Settings … Read more

Review: Experience a realistic waterfall effect with 3D Lost Waterfall Free

3D Lost Waterfall Free realistically simulates a waterfall on your home screen. Users who enjoy amazing wallpapers will definitely be impressed with this application. Its high quality video runs in a seamless loop to create the effect that it is actually a live feed. The effect this wallpaper gives is very good and the application has very few drawbacks.

Since it's over 20MB, 3D Lost Waterfall Free could take some time to download on a 3G network and it's better to install it while on a Wi-Fi network. Surprisingly, the application is not filled with pushed advertisements or … Read more

Spotify copies Songza with curated playlists

CNET Update is in the mood for Pure Moods:

In this episode of Update:

- Tune in to Spotify's new Browse feature, which mimics Songza's curated playlists for moods. You'll also be hearing about curated playlists when MOG relaunches under a new name.

- Size up the September phablet launches with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 and the rumored HTC One Max.

- Save $100 on Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet (which will go toward buying the keyboard cover.)

- Find your lost Android phone with Google's Android Device Manager, coming later this month.


iTunes (HD) |&… Read more

Apple slapped with lawsuit over mandatory employee bag checks

Apple's policy of requiring its retail store employees to undergo two mandatory bag searches per day has now become grounds for a class action lawsuit.

Two former workers from Apple stores in New York and Los Angeles filed a complaint in San Francisco federal court on Thursday regarding this policy. These employees claim that they had to stand in lines up to 30 minutes long every day for store managers to check their bags and ensure they weren't smuggling home stolen goods.

Adding up these daily waits, the employees say they were deprived of dozens of hours of … Read more