MySQL and "commercial extensions:" Core, complements, and semantics

MySQL has placed itself in the middle of a rising furor over its allegedly diminished commitment to open source. To be fair, it has only itself to blame.

It all started with a disgruntled ex-MySQL employee, Jeremy Cole. Cole declared that MySQL's sky was falling because it was to be releasing certain parts of the next version of its database as closed-source software. Marten Mickos responded that he had misunderstood (when, in fact, he had understood very well), it went to Slashdot (where it was of course misconstrued even further), and we're left with a somewhat tepid defense by Marten in the comments section of Slashdot to the self-addressed question, "Why is MySQL now producing some proprietary software?":

The reason is that we have an ambition not only to produce FOSS [free and open-source] code, but also to be a profitable business that can exist for a long time. Each time we make more money, we hire more developers to develop GPL code.… Read more

Hello Kitty camera and the apocalypse

Great, yet another thing to make us paranoid. But unlike the eggs and Swarovski crystals of our nightmares, something tells us we're not alone in our discomfort with Hello Kitty.

Actually, we know for a fact that the macrocephalic feline has been alternatingly irritating and creeping out people for nearly three decades (chills). So it was really just a matter of time before it happened to us.

We started to sense something amiss while reading about the latest Hello Kitty MP3 player. But then we had to avert our eyes upon viewing the "Tink Pink X Hello Kitty DC571&… Read more