Survey names LinkedIn chief top-rated CEO, Zuckerberg falls to No. 9

Leading a professional networking site must mean you know your p's and q's and have some social grace. So, it makes sense that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is beloved by his employees.

In fact, Weiner is so well-liked that he has been crowned the highest-rated CEO for 2014.

The honors come via hundreds of thousands of employee surveys across all industries submitted to company-review site Glassdoor. Every year, the site tallies up the votes and publishes the rankings of the 50 highest-rated CEOs in the US for companies with at least 1,000 employees (see full list below). … Read more

Fake Malaysia Airlines links spread malware

Don't click on any link that says it has shocking video of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. According to multiple reports, links promising resolution for the missing Flight MH370 are scams.

Videos with titles like "Malaysian Airlines missing flight MH370 found in Sea -- 50 people alive saved" have spread through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Wired U.K reports. Malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes Chris Boyd told Wired that links being spread through Twitter originally appeared on Facebook.

The blog warned of a fake news link claiming that the Malaysian plane has been … Read more

PhotoDirector 5 review

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editor and manager that gives you complete control over your digital photography workflow. For new users and photography veterans alike, PhotoDirector has robust tools to help you perfect each snapshot.


Intuitive interface: PhotoDirector shares many traits with tried-and-true workflow interfaces like Lightroom. Primary adjustment and management tools are in menus that are aligned to the screen edges. Manual-adjustment sliders give you incremental control over every aspect of your photo file, from standard color-correction, brightness, and noise-removal tools to more perspective-altering adjustments like lens correction.

Filtered management: Get as basic or as granular as you … Read more

Change this LinkedIn setting before starting your job search

If you are on LinkedIn, then you undoubtedly get those emails that implore you to "Congratulate so-and-so on the new job." Did you know that a simple change to your profile can result in LinkedIn -- like a proud but overeager parent -- broadcasting the news to all of your LinkedIn contacts as if you landed a new job?

Donna Sapolin, writing for Forbes, discovered that tinkering with your LinkedIn profile can lead to embarrassment when starting a job search. She changed her Professional Headline -- the title below your name on LinkedIn -- and suddenly was bombarded … Read more

LinkedIn co-founder Hoffman sides with eBay in Icahn battle

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman says the battle between eBay and activist investor Carl Icahn exemplifies the fundamental difference between the culture of Wall Street and that of Silicon Valley.

He penned a blog post on Wednesday that balked at Icahn's idea of spinning out PayPal from eBay. He said that it appears Icahn doesn't understand Silicon Valley's culture of focusing on long-term growth and instead is just looking for quick returns on Wall Street.

"While PayPal is no longer a startup, it still has massive growth prospects. But to someone who isn't investing in the … Read more

MirrorLink-equipped Peugeot competes with Apple CarPlay

GENEVA -- Jumping on the small but growing MirrorLink bandwagon, Peugeot chose the 2014 Geneva auto show to unveil its new 108 model, which comes standard with the smartphone mirroring technology. Peugeot demonstrated its MirrorLink implementation at the same time that Apple's CarPlay technology was being shown by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Ferrari.

Both MirrorLink and CarPlay let a driver plug a smartphone into the car and have a modified interface from the phone appear on the car's head unit. The driver can choose functions, such as navigation, controlling it through a touch screen or other car interface while … Read more

Tech doing good? SF tackles homelessness with smartphones

About two or three weeks ago, recovering addict Edgar Aguilar walked into a tiny computer lab situated in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco -- the new battleground for the friction between the tech industry's wealthiest and the city's most vulnerable residents. He had been checking out a new mobile site advertised by a flyer he spotted. It promised an easy way to connect the homeless to social services. Just out of substance abuse rehab and unemployed, Aguilar figured he'd give it a try.

He had no idea that less a month later, he'd share the … Read more

MirrorLink adds Peugeot to roster of phone-connected cars

At the 2014 Geneva auto show beginning next week, the new Peugeot 108 will debut with a standard MirrorLink connection, letting the car's LCD show a connected smartphone's screen. Peugeot joins Toyota and Volkswagen, along with aftermarket head unit makers such as Pioneer, in adopting the MirrorLink standard.

Antti Aumo, marketing director for the Connected Car Consortium, the body responsible for developing MirrorLink, told CNET that other production cars currently implementing or slated to get the technology are the Toyota iQ and Verso, and the Volkswagen Polo. Although world market cars, localization affects which cabin electronics are available … Read more

The Mio Link uses an optical sensor to monitor heart rate, costs $99, coming April 2014 (hands-on)

BARCELONA, Spain -- Take the Mio Alpha heart rate watch, jettison everything that makes it a watch and you have the Mio Link. The $99 heart rate monitor is half the price of the Alpha and will be available in April 2014.

Instead of monitoring your pulse like traditional heart rate monitors, the Link -- and Alpha before it -- uses an optical sensor to track blood movement in your body.

According to Mio, its tracking is extremely accurate as well and uses a built-in accelerometer to determine your heart rate even while you're moving.

Now the Alpha obviously … Read more

LinkedIn now lets you block other members

LinkedIn announced on Friday welcome news for anyone who's ever been spammed on the social network: member blocking.

The feature has long been requested, especially on a social network full of members eager to make professional connections -- who might cross the bounds of accepted etiquette to do so. "We built this feature not only because it was a feature our members requested but because we also knew it was the right thing to do," said Paul Rockwell, who heads up the Trust & Safety unit at LinkedIn.

To block a member, head to that person's … Read more