Change this LinkedIn setting before starting your job search

If you are on LinkedIn, then you undoubtedly get those emails that implore you to "Congratulate so-and-so on the new job." Did you know that a simple change to your profile can result in LinkedIn -- like a proud but overeager parent -- broadcasting the news to all of your LinkedIn contacts as if you landed a new job?

Donna Sapolin, writing for Forbes, discovered that tinkering with your LinkedIn profile can lead to embarrassment when starting a job search. She changed her Professional Headline -- the title below your name on LinkedIn -- and suddenly was bombarded … Read more

LinkedIn launches in China

Jeff Weiner, CEO of professional network LinkedIn, announced Monday that his company has released a version of the service in simplified Chinese, making it one of the largest American social networks to target a country known for its censorship of Internet services.

"The new simplified Chinese website will broaden our reach to the country's more than 140 million professionals who currently represent roughly one in five of the world's knowledge workers," Weiner wrote in an article posted to the LinkedIn Web site.

Weiner, however, didn't ignore the elephant in the room: the Chinese government. The … Read more

LinkedIn now lets you block other members

LinkedIn announced on Friday welcome news for anyone who's ever been spammed on the social network: member blocking.

The feature has long been requested, especially on a social network full of members eager to make professional connections -- who might cross the bounds of accepted etiquette to do so. "We built this feature not only because it was a feature our members requested but because we also knew it was the right thing to do," said Paul Rockwell, who heads up the Trust & Safety unit at LinkedIn.

To block a member, head to that person's … Read more

LinkedIn to buy job site Bright for $120M

Professional social network LinkedIn said Thursday that it will purchase Bright, a 3-year-old service that connects job seekers with employers, for approximately $120 million in cash and stock.

Bright is said to be especially adept at using data to make its job matches, and LinkedIn plans to use the younger company's matching technology to improve its own recommendations. The service's existing members and customers, however, will only continue to have access to the Bright Web site through February 28.

"We decided to join LinkedIn because of what we lacked -- the ability to apply this technology across … Read more

LinkedIn finds new purpose with volunteer hub

Professional social network LinkedIn is providing people with a tool to search for more meaningful work.

Wednesday, the 10-year-old company went live with its Volunteer Marketplace, an online destination meant to be a center where people can search for volunteer opportunities or nonprofit board positions. LinkedIn has partnered with Catchafire, Taproot, Foundation, BoardSource, and VolunteerMatch to source the listings for the initiative.

"We aim to help the social sector by doing what we do best as a company: connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale," LinkedIn Chairman and Co-founder Reid Hoffman wrote in a blog post on the … Read more

LinkedIn member base climbs almost 40 percent in year

Ten-year-old professional social network LinkedIn continues to grow at an impressive clip, proving that new strategies emphasizing content and mobile apps are working to attract a wider variety of business users.

The company said Tuesday that it has grown its member base to 259 million people, up 38 percent year-over-year, and that members are engaging -- just a buzzword for interacting with apps -- at record levels on desktop and mobile devices, according to a press release.

The new number was included in LinkedIn's third-quarter earnings report, which once again exceeded analyst expectations. LinkedIn earned $393 million in revenue … Read more

LinkedIn inserts profiles into e-mails

CNET Update needs no introduction:

In this episode of Update:

- Discover LinkedIn's new "Intro" e-mail tool for iPhones, and learn why some may feel uneasy about signing up. LinkedIn is beefing up other mobile apps, too.

- Edit 6-second Vine videos or save several for later with the updated app.

- Save $100 off the original Surface Pro. Microsoft drops the price since the new Pro 2 hit stores. (But you'll still be paying extra for that keyboard cover.)

- Watch your TiVo recorded shows outside the house on an iOS device with the Roamio update. … Read more

LinkedIn latches onto mobile to alter its identity

The prefix of the day is "re" -- at least if you live in LinkedIn's world.

The professional social network used a press event Wednesday to unveil new mobile applications and drive home the point that it has rethought, redefined, reimagined, redesigned, and re-everything its entire business around mobile. Though there were far too many "re" words for this reporter to stomach, the message that LinkedIn is now a mobile-focused company, as repeated ad nauseam by executives, was certainly heard.

Behind the buzzwords and the obvious but overstated point that people use smartphones and tablets … Read more

LinkedIn refreshes its mobile lineup, adds profile info to iOS Mail app

At a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, social professional network LinkedIn showed off a new version of its iPad app, a revamped Pulse app, and new e-mail integration called LinkedIn Intro.

LinkedIn Intro teams with your Apple mail app to pull in data from LinkedIn to your e-mails. You can view profile information and photos to get context on the people you're e-mailing with. LinkedIn Intro was built by Rahul Vohra, who founded the startup Rapportive, which adds LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking profile information to your Gmail account. LinkedIn purchased the company in 2012.… Read more

LinkedIn wants to map, improve the global economy

Professional social network LinkedIn hopes to transform the global economy by mapping all the connections between the world's professionals, skills, jobs, companies, and universities, CEO Jeff Weiner said Monday.

"Our longer term vision ... is to develop the world's first economic graph," Weiner said during an interview at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco.

Weiner's graph terminology borrows from a concept popularized by Facebook and other social apps that talk about mapping the relationships between people, interests, or tastes with the intention of better understanding how people or things are linked to each other. In … Read more