Subaru's large sedan is a lesson in managing expectations

When it first debuted in 2009, the Legacy struck a more muscular, more aggressive figure than its slab-sided contemporaries from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. Today, the sedan still looks more aggressive than your average Camry or Accord. Muscular fender flares serve as reminders of the all-wheel-drive system beneath the sheet metal and the sporting heritage that it shares with the likes of the smaller, nimbler WRX. Large, eagle-eyed headlamps house high-intensity discharge projectors that crisply illuminate the road ahead. The Legacy is just a giant wing and a set of plus-sized mags away from looking like an FIA World Touring … Read more

Ask the Experts, Episode 3: Headsets and Peripheral Compatibility

Next-generation consoles already have to deal with the disappointment of backward incompatibility when it comes to games, so how do the accessories and peripherals hold up? The answer is mostly a mixed bag.

Want to have a better idea about the accessories you already have? What about audio specifications? Be sure to watch as Jeff and Peter slice through the misinformation about legacy devices and give some sound advice on what gamers should do with their old headsets and accessories, and whether or not it's wise to hold off on purchasing new ones for use with Xbox One and … Read more

Review: Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix HD is a very fun adventure game

Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix HD brings a sense of storytelling and adventure to the iPad that perfectly fits the format. Also available in a smaller iPhone-friendly version, the iPad edition is the way to go, with bigger buttons, easier-to-read menus, and better responses when tapping doors, small buttons, etc.

What makes the Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix HD edition better than the standard edition for iPhone is also what makes the game good. This is an adventure-style game in the classic sense and while there are plenty of such games for … Read more

Subaru celebrates a quarter-century Legacy with a concept

Hot on the tail of its announcement of the production Subaru Impreza WRX, the automaker has released shots of the 2015 Subaru Legacy Concept, which will debut alongside the 'Rex at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

According to the automaker, this concept celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Subaru Legacy and provides a look at the styling cues for future Legacy models. Taking a look at the released images, the future of the Legacy looks a lot like a toned-down variant of the Subaru WRX concept that bowed in New York earlier this year.

Like the WRX, the Legacy … Read more

Review: Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix is a fine adventure game

Empress of the Deep 3 Legacy of the Phoenix is the newest in a line of adventure games from Big Fish Games that, while finely crafted, has a hard time on the iPhone's smaller screen. The depth and detail involved make it tough to fully engage with the number of options onscreen, text is small and hard to read, and hitting the right space is often difficult.

These things don't detract from what is otherwise a very enjoyable adventure game; but if you have an iPad, you will probably better enjoy the game on the larger screen on … Read more

Review: Play the classic scrolling shooter game with Raiden Legacy

Raiden Legacy for Mac recreates a classic '90s gaming shoot 'em up experience. The game offers plenty of challenge and will surely keep fans of this old school arcade series busy for hours chasing the highest score.

Raiden Legacy for Mac comes with a free trial version with a 60-minute time limit. Installation required an extra step in the form of downloading a separate game store app, which extended the overall loading time. Once started, the initial menus were well thought out and easy to navigate. The user has the option of choosing between several versions of the game, but … Read more

Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection confirmed

The rumor was right. Konami today confirmed Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, slating the comprehensive PlayStation 3-exclusive bundle to arrive this June. The company did not specify a price.

Game designer Hideo Kojima teased the project last week, revealing an image of the game's box art. In addition, the Korean Game Ratings board had published an entry for the bundle.

Read more of "Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection confirmed" at GameSpot.

Catalyst ready to change enterprise browsing

The enterprise browser management tool called Catalyst reached public availability yesterday. The program gives corporate IT departments the ability to force specific Web sites to open in different browsers.

As CNET reported in November, it's a useful workaround for businesses that still use Web apps that only work in legacy browsers but want their employees to spend the rest of their browsing time on more modern, more secure browsers.

Browsium noted in its blog announcing the stable version of Catalyst that it can also be used to minimize security issues, such as the recent Java and Internet Explorer zero-day … Read more

Windows 8 on ARM: No legacy, no legs?

Would you buy a Windows tablet that doesn't run older Windows applications?

That's the question that keeps dogging me when I see Microsoft demonstrating tablets based on ARM processors from Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Nvidia. Tablets with those processors will not run so-called Intel "x86" legacy software (though they will run a full version of Office 15).

Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky wrote about this on February 9. "If you need to run existing x86/64 (Intel-based) software, then you will be best served with Windows 8 on x86/64."

And he reiterated this at … Read more

On the Web, latest 'Bourne' trailer goes boom

The Web is getting re-Bourne today. As in Jason Bourne.

NBC Universal released the trailer for the "Bourne Legacy," the latest installment in the popular "Bourne" film series. Not surprisingly, the film trailer has begun to light up Twitter and is quickly circulating on the Web, even though the movie isn't scheduled hit theaters for another six months.

Who could have guessed that stories about spies and government conspiracies that are well told and acted would strike a chord with the public?

Matt Damon, who has starred in the previous three Bourne films, is not … Read more