Executor handles launchings, not killings

Similar to Launchy, Executor is a program launcher powered by hot keys that nonetheless offers a different program-starting experience.

The interface should be familiar to Launchy fans. A skinnable bar appears at the top of your screen, and as soon as you type in the first few characters of the program that you're looking for, a list of potential choices appears. The more you type, the shorter the list becomes. Users can also scroll down the list to click on the item they want.

From there, Executor begins to differentiate itself. The customization options that you can choose from … Read more

Look out, Launchy

If you're familiar with Windows application launchers (aside from the "Run" button), you probably already know about Launchy, a simple utility that finds and runs/opens programs, file, music, Web searches, and bookmarks. Launchy has earned a big fan base because of its simplicity and efficiency. However, two new free launchers have their sights set on Launchy's user base.

Yesterday, the tech site Lifehacker featured Executor, a free release from Martin Bressman that expands upon Launchy's run functionality. Executor has a slick interface and is a no-brainer for keyboard maniacs. All of your favorite software, … Read more

Featured Freeware: Launchy

Just a simple hotkey combo away, Launchy is a handy tool that lets you open nearly any program, file, folder, or Web site on your system with just a few keystrokes.

Enter the first few letters of a file or program, and Launchy's small, skinnable interface automatically displays the rest of the name. You simply press Enter to open or launch it. If the displayed name isn't the item you want, a few seconds later the tool displays a drop-down list with other likely candidates from which you can choose. Configuring Launchy is as easy as using the … Read more

Quick tip: Launch Web sites fast

What's faster than opening a new browser tab and typing in the URL? Opening a Web page with Launchy, of course.

Last week we showed you how to open all your media files, documents, and programs using the quick-start application (if you missed it, we've included it below). In this quick tip video, CNET editor Tom Merritt demonstrates, as only he can, how to open Web sites, start an online search, and create search commands with this must-have freeware.

Miss last week's quick tip? After the first video, stick around for a second to learn how to … Read more

Quick Tip: Get fast access to Windows folders

If we're starting to sound like broken records (or besotted Romeos) when singing Launchy's praises, it's only because the simple, elegant quick-start launcher for Windows applications hasn't yet let us down. Also, it's pretty.

Now, were you aware of Launchy's other charms? CNET editor Tom Merritt shares a useful tip for making the most of its file indexing to launch, not just Word and Yahoo Messenger, but also any file on the fly.

Killer Download: Better launchers for Mac and Windows

The Windows and Mac operating systems are both intended to be easy to navigate so you can get to your files quickly. Ideally, once our computers are fully booted up it should only take us a couple of steps before we can start working (or playing, as the case may be). While Windows Explorer and the Finder are adequate for navigating apps and files, it still takes a few unnecessary steps before you can get started.

While both operating systems offer a quicker option than digging through folders--Windows has the Quick launch bar and Mac offers the Dock--they tend to … Read more

Take control of your taskbar

Windows taskbars are notorious for being unfriendly, chaotic, and occasionally unresponsive. They also have poor social skills, but I'm not here to pass judgment. Instead, I'm going to show you three great freeware ways to lasso that unruly taskbar of yours and tame it right down, with Taskbar Shuffle, RocketDock, and Launchy.

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Launchy 2.0 quick-starts apps with class

Those already using Launchy, a completely unobtrusive and utterly invaluable quick-app launcher, swear by it. Now they'll just swear louder.

It's often hard to improve on a good thing, but developer Josh Karlin has tried, and his efforts with this freeware gift to society have largely paid off over the last few releases. Most of the heavier-duty programming upgrades occurred in release 1.2.5, and Karlin has capped them off with a glossy finish in version 2.0.--a new look based on a new set of standards.

Sure, there will be some who will prefer Launchy … Read more