7 Android launchers to refresh your home screen

Your home should be comfortable, and so should your home screen. With an Android launcher, you can replace your phone or tablet's boring factory settings with themes, widgets, and other customizable options to make your home screen more homey. Here are our top seven picks to help you renovate your Android experience.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is one of the most direct ways of getting the original Android home-screen experience. First introduced with the Moto X phone, the Google Now Launcher preserves the visual experience of KitKat for those with custom-themed versions of Android, and it comes … Read more

GO Launcher EX review

GO Launcher EX enhances your Android experience, replacing the default launcher with a fantastic new environment that supports thousands of different themes and widgets, sophisticated screen transitions, easier app management, and many other UI customizations. The only downside to using this app is that to enjoy all its features and get rid of the persistent ads, you have to upgrade to the paid version.


Creative customization options: With more than 10,000 themes, 27 screen transition effects, and 19 original GO widgets, GO Launcher EX can totally change the way your home screen looks. What's more, you can … Read more

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme review

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme features adorable icons and a super-cute overall design, making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves dinosaurs. Apart from its delightful graphics, this theme also impresses with its optimization, eating few system resources and not having a big impact on the battery, like other themes do. This theme is especially great for kids, but because of its careful, delicate design it may appeal to some grown ups, too.

Dinosaur - GO Launcher Theme installs before you can count to five and greets you with a fancy green dinosaur, its wallpaper, and gorgeous little icons, … Read more

Super Hero GO Launcher Theme review

Featuring a crisp background and a few amusing icons, Super Hero GO Launcher Theme runs well with the latest version of the GO LauncherEX and may appeal to superhero fans. What you'll most like about it is that it lets you enjoy GO LauncherEX's many features, including auto-arranging apps into folders according to their type, choosing from several beautiful screen transitions, and using widgets more effectively on the home screen.

Compared to other themes, Super Hero GO Launcher Theme doesn't stand out visually, though it does have a few humorous icons, like a pair of red underwear … Read more

Vire Launcher review

Vire Launcher stands out as an innovative and smooth home screen launcher with amazing transitions and clever home screen tricks, but it suffers from minor bugs and glitches. Nevertheless, because of features like dynamic grid and scale for customizing icons, beautiful reflections, and a smart drawer under the clock widget this potent launcher is a must check if you're eager to personalize your device.

Vire Launcher installs in just a few seconds. Since it significantly alters your home screen, you'll need a bit of time to get used to it. For a start it adds a sophisticated 3D … Read more

X-Still GO Launcher EX Theme review

With its great icons and overall sleek design, X-Still GO Launcher EX Theme can make your home screen more elegant and enjoyable. While this theme looks and works all right on a tablet, the background feels a bit zoomed in, making it better suited for smartphones. Still, it provides good contrast for app icons and widgets.

X-Still GO Launcher EX Theme runs without any issues with the latest release of the GO Launcher EX app. While the background won't knock you over, the icons are really well made, though sadly you won't find more than 17 of them, … Read more

Zombie GO Launcher Theme review

With its humorously gruesome wallpaper and somewhat disturbing icons, Zombie GO Launcher Theme brings guaranteed satisfaction to lovers of the macabre. Apart from its positively ghastly looks, this well-made theme also offers good performance, being able to handle even the more resource-intensive features of the GO Launcher EX quickly and with grace.

After a fast and straightforward installation, Zombie GO Launcher Theme scares you a bit with its background, a zombie kid with pitiful teeth, part of his right brain lobe visible, and a pair of scissors stuck in his head. The icons go well with the wallpaper, featuring a … Read more

Perfect Launcher review

Perfect Launcher gives you the ability to open many of your favorite Web pages and other programs with just a few clicks. From the app's dashboard, you can launch a browser and specify the page it opens all at once, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.


Intuitive interface: This app sports an attractive and streamlined interface that lets you access tons of popular sites quickly. Tabs take you from one category of pages and programs to another, and you can also search quickly for sites not listed through the Search box above … Read more

Firefly GO Launcher Theme review

With its dainty icons and delicate design, Firefly GO Launcher Theme stands out as one of the prettiest fantasy-inspired themes in the Play Store. If Peter Pan in Neverland had a smartphone, this is the theme he'd be using.


Exquisite icons: Firefly GO Launcher Theme's 25 unique, leafy icons look spectacular. From the fancy green to the flourishes like dewdrops or ladybugs, these icons look like some of the best crafted ones we've ever seen on Android. They look especially great on a smartphone screen.

Graceful: Just like a fairy, this theme moves swiftly and smoothly, … Read more

Fresh - GO Launcher Theme review

Featuring a girlish theme especially appealing for a younger audience, Fresh - GO Launcher Theme comes with wonderful icons and a cute background. While this theme lacks the sophisticated animations and live wallpapers of other GO LauncherEX themes, its minimal design makes it accessible and practical, an excellent choice for any girl that runs many apps on her smartphone or tablet.

While Fresh - Go Launcher Theme seems to run on older versions of the GO Launcher, it's preferable to grab the latest release if you don't have it already to maximize performance. The theme's fresh, pinkish … Read more