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Perfect Launcher review

Perfect Launcher gives you the ability to open many of your favorite Web pages and other programs with just a few clicks. From the app's dashboard, you can launch a browser and specify the page it opens all at once, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.


Intuitive interface: This app sports an attractive and streamlined interface that lets you access tons of popular sites quickly. Tabs take you from one category of pages and programs to another, and you can also search quickly for sites not listed through the Search box above … Read more

Firefly GO Launcher Theme review

With its dainty icons and delicate design, Firefly GO Launcher Theme stands out as one of the prettiest fantasy-inspired themes in the Play Store. If Peter Pan in Neverland had a smartphone, this is the theme he'd be using.


Exquisite icons: Firefly GO Launcher Theme's 25 unique, leafy icons look spectacular. From the fancy green to the flourishes like dewdrops or ladybugs, these icons look like some of the best crafted ones we've ever seen on Android. They look especially great on a smartphone screen.

Graceful: Just like a fairy, this theme moves swiftly and smoothly, … Read more

Fresh - GO Launcher Theme review

Featuring a girlish theme especially appealing for a younger audience, Fresh - GO Launcher Theme comes with wonderful icons and a cute background. While this theme lacks the sophisticated animations and live wallpapers of other GO LauncherEX themes, its minimal design makes it accessible and practical, an excellent choice for any girl that runs many apps on her smartphone or tablet.

While Fresh - Go Launcher Theme seems to run on older versions of the GO Launcher, it's preferable to grab the latest release if you don't have it already to maximize performance. The theme's fresh, pinkish … Read more

Elegant - GO Launcher Theme review

Elegant - GO Launcher Theme can make your interface more graceful and smooth, but has relatively few icons compared to other themes. Other than that, however, this polished theme makes a positive impression, enabling you to take advantage of all the essential features of GO LauncherEX, from stylish clock and weather widgets to app launching using gestures. This is an especially appealing theme for women who want an elegant and sophisticated home screen that stays basic and to the point.

After an effortless installation, Elegant GO Launcher Theme replaces your current background with a light one featuring diagonal stripes and … Read more

Install the Android Wear launcher on your Android device

Earlier this week Google announced Android Wear, the platform that's going to bring Android to more wearables in the very near future. Along with the announcement, it also released a developer preview of the operating system for developers to begin working magic with. Naturally the preview included an emulator for devs to preview their work on. It didn't take long for the emulator to be extracted and turned into an installable APK for Android devices.

What this means for curious Android users running Android 4.4 and above is that you can install the Android Wear launcher on … Read more

Apex Launcher review

Apex Launcher offers a lot of options for a free Android launcher, plus some unique touches like individually scrolling docks. It has cool effects like infinite and elastic scrolling, home screen gestures, and fancy transitions; customizable themes, labels, and icons; backup; and much more. It's optimized for both phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and up. If you have a phone and a tablet, Apex Launcher lets you configure a similar home screen experience for both. A Pro upgrade adds more themes, gestures, and drawer customization options.

The most obvious difference between Apex Launcher and our previous … Read more

Customize Android's icons with Nova Launcher

Most Android smartphones and tablets already use a custom interface; these are the icons, the layout, and the starter wallpapers that the phone-maker uses to create its own look and feel. However, fun things can happen when you take your Android's icons into your own hands.

Icon packs are a simple way to dress up your smartphone or tablet, requiring little more than a download. Below, I will walk you through the process of installing a new launcher and icon packs. You may be amazed at how such a simple thing can change the feel of your beloved device.… Read more

Launch Center Pro requires fewer steps for most common actions

Are you tired of the repetitive tap dance that completing simple tasks on your iPhone sometimes requires? If so, then Launch Center Pro may just be the best app you've probably never heard about.

What it does is let iOS users automate repetitive tasks such as "send an e-mail to my boss," and other common actions that only require a tap of your finger. No, it's not glamorous, but it simplifies the actions you do most, and in the process, saves you a ton of time. At $4.99, Launch Center Pro is expensive, but once … Read more

91 Launcher review

91 Launcher isn't the fastest launcher on the block, but it's easy to set up, use and customize. That keeps it near the top of the list in terms of launcher apps, even if it doesn't bring as much to the table as others. It makes up for it with a good-enough infrastructure full of add-ons and neat themes.

This app serves as a replacement to your default home screen, giving you a new layout and changing the way you can open, use, and interact with apps. When you first use it, the app gives you a … Read more

Get the Google Now Launcher on your Android device

When the Nexus 5 launched, it had its own custom launcher, which at that time was called the Google Experience launcher. Google announced the launcher was going to remain exclusive to the device, but as Donald Bell covered there are workarounds to get the Google Experience on other Android devices.

Then earlier this week Google updated the Google Search app and as Droid Life pointed out, it contains some interesting changes. The Google Experience launcher is now named the Google Now launcher and it includes the ability to import your current icon and folder settings.

The Google Now launcher is … Read more