This smart scale promises precise baking

Meet Drop, an iPad-integrated kitchen scale making its debut at San Francisco's Launch Festival. When I first heard about Drop, I was ambivalent. Sure, I like apps and products with smart features, but do I really need that much help measuring ingredients?

Turns out my baking technique has some significant flaws. Like many Americans, I tend to forsake the accuracy of scales for the more free-form cup-and-tablespoon approach. That's OK for some things, but it's potentially problematic for baking, where precision is key.

If you don't already use a scale, Drop promises a new level of … Read more

Review: ToolBar 2000 creates a collapsable toolbar for quick access to programs and files

ToolBar 2000 creates a toolbar that pops out of the side of your screen to provide quick access to any programs and files you choose. This is a handy alternative to the Start menu or taskbar icons; and depending on how you use your computer, it could be a helpful tool. The created toolbar is completely customizable and easy to navigate, so you can set it up to suit your specific needs.

As soon as you open ToolBar 2000, you're ready to start using it. Hovering your mouse over the right side of the screen will cause the toolbar … Read more

Use Launch Center Pro and Foursquare to speed up your check-ins

Launch Center Pro, the popular iOS automation app, takes advantage of third-party apps that have URL schemes. These schemes are nothing more than ways for apps to talk to one another in iOS, sharing information between one another.

Previously, Foursquare was listed as a supported app for Launch Center Pro, but it was removed after a recent update removed the URL scheme setup Launch Center Pro had been using.

By looking at the Foursquare developer documentation you can see that URL schemes are still part of the app, but they need to be more specific than in the past. Instead … Read more

Moto G for Verizon lands at Best Buy for $100 with no contract

Motorola's Moto G has already debuted on its own Web site and on Amazon, but it has yet to make an appearance with wireless carriers and at retail stores. However, that's about to change.

Best Buy has confirmed it will be selling a Verizon version of the smartphone for as low as $99.99 and it could be arriving within the next few days, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The news first came on Monday when a Google+ user named Josue Joseph, who says he works at Best Buy Mobile, posted a photo of the Moto G … Read more

SpaceX's Falcon 9 successfully blasts into outer space

As the saying goes, the third time's a charm.

The conditions were perfect, wind was down, temperatures were moderate, and SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launch out of Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was a success on Tuesday.

"Mission confirmed," announced ground control once the rocket was safely past Earth's atmosphere. Roughly 45 minutes after launch, the rocket had finished safely putting its satellite into orbit.

"Spacecraft separation confirmed!" SpaceX tweeted. "SES-8 is now in its targeted GEO transfer orbit."… Read more

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch called off again

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket was slated to hurtle into outer space on Monday, but unusual pressure readings canceled the launch. Then, Falcon 9 was scheduled to have a famed Thanksgiving Day liftoff; but, once again, the flight was nixed -- this time due to unexplained technical issues.

It's been a tough week for SpaceX, but that hasn't deterred the company from working to get its rocket aloft. SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk took to Twitter after the second canceled launch on Thursday to say that the company was playing it safe.

"We called manual abort. … Read more

Blue-light glitch taints PS4's hot launch

CNET Update tries turning it off and on again:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why a pulsing blue light has some PlayStation 4 owners stressed out. A small percentage of the first batch of PS4s seem to be defective.

- Get twice as much storage in the limited-edition Ouya, sold in North America for $130.

- Fling videos from a Kindle to the TV -- and learn other new tablet tricks -- with the Kindle Fire OS 3.1 update.

- Stream live and recorded shows from a cable box to another TV using the new Slingbox Roku app. … Read more

Long lines of fans welcome launch of Sony's PlayStation 4

Sony launched its new PlayStation 4 at midnight Thursday to long lines of gamers around North America hoping to get their hands on the next-generation console.

Hundreds of PlayStation fans braved hours in chilly weather in a line outside the Standard High Line hotel in New York for a chance to pick up one (or more) of the new consoles and to score Sony giveaways. However, there were likely to be some disappointed fans as Sony planned to offer only 444 consoles on Thursday night.

The first buyer of a PS4 in North America was Brooklyn's Joey Chiu, who … Read more

Review: Launch8


Appeal: Launch8 brings a fresh take on the modern Start screen by giving you access through a familiar user path to your apps, now more commonly found on mobile devices.

Tweakable: In addition to its clean look, the app dock's effects can be customized by color and transparency. Icon sizes also scale accordingly to size, should you opt for a larger dock. You can also add both desktop and modern apps.

Accessibility: Recent apps and files pop up in a drawer-like fashion, similar to the drawer found on OS X's application dock.


Constrained: The placement is … Read more

iPad Air sales kick off, while wait for Mini remains unknown

Apple's newest iPad goes on sale this Friday, which has already arrived in some parts of the world.

In-store sales began in Australia, and are headed to 41 other countries, marking the biggest launch yet for one of Apple's tablets. Last year's iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad launch initially targeted 27 countries, while the third-generation model launched in just 10. One of those 42 countries is Greater China, which was Apple's third-biggest market behind Europe and the Americas this year.

The launch is the first part of a two-stage release that also includes a new version … Read more