LaCie 5big NAS Pro to offer massive storage, cloud features, and ease of use

LAS VEGAS--LaCie showed off today at CES 2013 its latest high-end network attached storage (NAS) server, the 5big NAS Pro, which is a major upgrade to the company's previous 5big Network 2.

Powered by a dual-core 2.13GHz Intel 64-bit Atom processor and 4GB RAM, the 5big NAS Pro is a five-bay server that offers a massive amount of storage space (up to 20GB), and promises data rates up to 200MBps via its two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The most prominent feature of the 5big NAS Pro, however, is its totally new novice-friendly SimplyRAID mode and cloud features

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LaCie 5big NAS Pro offers massive storage, superfast performance, and ease of use

LaCie's 5big NAS Pro is a major upgrade to the company's previous 5big Network 2. The new server is now significantly faster while retaining the excellent physical design of its predecessor.

The 5big NAS Pro does have some shortcomings, however, including a spartan feature list and the lack of customization options. The sever also doesn't provide a way to quickly set up its hard drives into a RAID configuration.

All things considered, at the current price of some $500 (disk-less version, or $1,100 and $2,000 for 10TB and 20TB, respectively) it's an excellent choice … Read more

Top 5 NAS servers: Serious storage for advanced home networks

In a nutshell, a network-attached storage server is an external storage device, like an external hard drive, but instead of plugging it directly into a computer, via a USB or a Thunderbolt port, you plug it into a switch or a router, via a network cable. The main benefit of a NAS server is that its storage is available to the entire network, meaning all computers on the network can access the same storage space at the same time.

In reality, an advanced NAS server can do much more than that, such as streaming its contents to network media players, hosting Internet-based services such as personal clouds, acting as a centralized server for a business, and even being a video recorder for your TV programs or surveillance cameras, and all at the same time. Think of it as a real server, minus a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor. Instead, you control it via a Web interface.

Advanced NAS servers are generally not for novices, but they don't require years of training, either. In fact, if you are comfortable with computers and the Internet, and have an interest, you can easily figure one out after having invested some time, of course. And you really want to figure it out since the return is huge.

Following is a list of the five best NAS servers that I have reviewed in recent years. This list is sorted based on the amount of drive bays and review dates and updated on a regular basis as more servers are reviewed.… Read more

Sarah Lacy launches PandoDaily to report news on startups

Former TechCrunch reporter Sarah Lacy launched a tech news site today called PandoDaily that is geared toward documenting every startup that pops up in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Lacy, who has covered tech for more than 15 years, says she quit TechCrunch in November because its AOL buyout was affecting the site's content.

In a manifesto called "Why I Started PandoDaily," which Lacy wrote and published on the news site, she said that her goal is to not sell PandoDaily. "Selling is not success to me. If I wind up selling, I've failed in some … Read more

LaCie 5big Network 2 review: Performance could be bigger

If you want a network storage device that you can leave in the living room to wow your guests, the LaCie 5big Network 2 would be it. From the front it doesn't look much like a storage device; it looks more like a mysterious item pulled straight out of a sci-fi movie or a piece of art that you're not really supposed to understand.

From the back, however, it's a dead-serious storage device with five hard-drive bays, a bunch of peripheral ports, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports. The 5big Network 2 is LaCie's high-end NAS server that can house up to five SATA hard drives of any capacity. In fact, it's the first from the company that can host hard drives of different capacities, thanks to its new Auto RAID configuration that was introduced a while back via the NAS OS 2.0.… Read more

Promise ships first Thunderbolt storage solution

It's been a while since Intel announced Thunderbolt, but now the first storage solution based on the new peripheral standard is finally available for purchase, if you can afford it.

Promise, one of the hardware vendors that participated along with LaCie in the Intel Thunderbolt event with demo products, announced today that it is now shipping the Pegasus line of high-performance RAID storage solutions featuring Thunderbolt technology. LaCie, on the other hand, says it will ship its own Thunderbolt device sometime this summer.

The line includes four- and six-bay external storage enclosures that offer between 4TB and 12TB of … Read more

Future-proof networking products of 2010

One of the worries about buying technology is the fact that the items you get might get obsolete too fast. However, if you pick carefully, you'll be able to buy products that stay relevant for a longer time than others. And, of course, by relevant, I mean that they'll still be able to satisfy your demands, which tend to grow over time.

Of all products in the networking and network storage categories reviewed by CNET during 2010, the following are those with features that will stay with you well into 2011 and even much longer.

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LaCie 324i covers the basics (review)

Most people don't have $1,100 to spend on a monitor; however, this fact has not stopped monitor manufacturers from offering displays at or way above this price. The LaCie 324i is the latest of such professional monitors I've reviewed and it definitely looks the part.

It has a dark chassis, a thick panel, and the large assortment of ergonomic options typically included with pro monitors.

Here's the funny thing. Although it has a pretty robust on-screen display, with brightness, contrast, color controls, and black level (!), not to mention a number of presets, including sRGB and Adobe … Read more

LaCie unveils its first USB 3.0 RAID drive

If you are looking for a superfast USB 3.0 external hard drive with redundancy data protection, there's now another option. Following in the footsteps of Sans Digital, LaCie announced Tuesday its own version of a USB 3.0-based external hard drive with RAID support: the LaCie 2big USB 3.0.

The company says that the new drive is available in up to a 4TB capacity and comes with two separate internal hard drives. These hard drives can be set up either in RAID 0 for fast speed and maximum amount of storage (with no data protection) or RAID … Read more