Griffin makes its sleek programmable PowerMate knob wireless at CES (first take)

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Griffin debuted a new version of its PowerMate device, the PowerMate Bluetooth. The programmable spinning knob can turn up the volume, scrub videos, flip through documents, scroll through Web sites, and much more on your Mac. This $59.99 device goes on sale in the summer of 2014.

The sleek aluminum knob, first introduced in 2001, gets a stunning design update in 2014. Most noticeably, the PowerMate Bluetooth has no cables or wires, instead it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your computer. One of the biggest gripes about the earlier … Read more

Shifting your way to cheaper gas bills

Many of us are more than willing to do our part to fight global warming, but not everyone is quite ready trade the family gas guzzler for a Prius or a diesel Honda. Yet you can still take a small step toward lessening your environmental guilt with a new shift knob designed to promote fuel efficiency.

The "Gaslock Indy Cater" has an LED indicator that reminds the driver what gear the car is in. Some might think it's about as useful as the "qStart"--the gadget that tells you which side of the road you'… Read more

The $150,000 gear shift knob

As luxury items or egregious excess appear to be the theme of the day, it seems fitting to include this gem from that icon of motoring wealth, the Bentley.

It's not a gadget per se, of course, but we just couldn't resist because this thing is so far over the top. Finished in white gold and 30 carats of diamonds, the knob costs $150,000--almost as much as the $165,000 Bentley Continental GT, as Luxist points out. As far as we know, it's the only shift knob that has its own Web site. But if … Read more

An MP3 knob. Yeah, that's right, a knob

You can call us Luddites (we've been called a lot worse), but we often find beauty in simplicity. Case in point: the MP3 player knob, as seen on Red Ferret.

As the iPod and other players are increasingly woven into the fabric of our lives, something like this could actually be useful. Attached to your iPod-enabled clothes or bags by Velcro or magnet, the knob could preclude unnecessary fumbling in cramped quarters. Of course, if you want more than volume control, you can always go the full remote route.

(Photo: Plusminus Design)