Angry Kitchen review

Angry Kitchen is a fun game for iOS devices that involves dodging knives and breaking dishes. The gameplay is easy, but overall the game is surprisingly challenging -- and hard to put down.

When we first launched Angry Kitchen, we weren't sure what to do; there are no instructions. We had a view of a kitchen wall, and soon a knife flew across the screen. We touched it. Wrong! A bloody splotch appeared on the wall, and we were informed that we had lost. We tried again. This time we avoided the knives but touched the plates and cups … Read more

The Food Cycler: Home is a compost heap for your kitchen counter

Promising to reduce your carbon footprint at the touch of a button, Food Cycle Science announced its first in-home composter this week, the Food Cycler: Home. With an approximate size of 1 cubic foot and claims of an odorless drying process that takes just 3 hours, the Food Cycler is designed to be a convenient alternative to traditional composting methods.

Of course, that level of convenience doesn't come without a cost. In the case of the Food Cycler: Home, that cost is an MSRP of $499, though Food Cycle Science says that the device will actually sell for $399 … Read more

This smart scale promises precise baking

Meet Drop, an iPad-integrated kitchen scale making its debut at San Francisco's Launch Festival. When I first heard about Drop, I was ambivalent. Sure, I like apps and products with smart features, but do I really need that much help measuring ingredients?

Turns out my baking technique has some significant flaws. Like many Americans, I tend to forsake the accuracy of scales for the more free-form cup-and-tablespoon approach. That's OK for some things, but it's potentially problematic for baking, where precision is key.

If you don't already use a scale, Drop promises a new level of … Read more

Make it to go with Crock-Pot's Cook & Carry slow cooker

The $59.99 Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Digital Slow Cooker is a reasonably priced slow cooker that held up well in our performance tests. You can find cheaper models, some for as little as $20, but the Crock-Pot's ability to transport food securely and in a relatively tidy fashion makes it worth the extra investment.

It didn't necessarily wow us in any of the tests, but it's a steady, predictable cooker for which the expression "slow and steady wins the race" seems especially applicable. It excels at low, slow cooking and, while it won't … Read more

Meet Viking's newest kitchen appliances

LAS VEGAS -- Viking already offers an extensive collection of high-end kitchen appliances. But the brand recently added a few new models to its existing line of premium products -- a french-door oven, a TurboChef oven, and a redesigned range. They are currently on display at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2014 in Vegas.

Viking Professional french-door oven

You might do a double take when you first catch a glimpse of this 30-inch double oven. Yep, it comes with french doors. That may seem counter-intuitive at first, but this design closely mimics what you might see in a professional … Read more

Frigidaire announces the flexible 2-in-1 Classic Slate Freezer

Frigidaire's theory is that most people don't use their utility freezer. The proposed solution: the Frigidaire 2-in-1 Classic Slate Freezer, which features a trendy slate gray color scheme and the ability to move between freezer and refrigeration modes with a single switch.

In addition to that convenience, the new freezer has Frigidaire's SpaceWise moveable organization system that allows you to customize the storage layout. The company also says a forthcoming LED lighting system will help make it easier to see what you've stashed away.

The freezer will be available in April, with a starting price of $… Read more

Electrolux's new dishwasher has a need for speed

LAS VEGAS -- Electrolux did a little research to find out what folks think about their dishwashers. Turns out, a lot of people are dissatisfied. Eighty-three percent are unhappy with cleaning performance, while 57 percent of users think their dishwasher takes too long to complete a cycle. I know I can relate to at least one of these complaints -- and chances are that you can, too.

So, Electrolux decided to focus on these areas during the design phase of its latest model, the stainless steel dishwasher with IQ-Touch controls. Announced today at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), … Read more

Let your calories do the counting with Escali's SmartConnect Kitchen Scale

Keeping track of food intake is something that many people have striven to do. That's not to say many have actually done it, just that many have tried. After all, the process is time consuming and takes away from the time that we can actually be consuming -- which of course is a much more enjoyable activity. But just because something was inconvenient to do in the past, doesn't mean it will be in the future. Or right now.

Gone are the days of tediously weighing food and calculating its nutritional impact. Now, we don't even have … Read more

Bosch brings a bunch of new appliances to Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- In addition to the Benchmark series that Bosch just announced, the high-end appliance company is also unveiling a whole bunch of other products also due in stores this April. Here are some of the highlights.

800 series drawer microwaves

These drawer microwaves are supposed to be able to accommodate up to a 9x13-inch baking dish or a 20-ounce cup. They can be installed under a stovetop and are designed to sit flush against your cabinets. They are priced at $1,549.

800 series freestanding french door refrigerators

These refrigerators boast LEDs and a water dispenser that's … Read more

Bosch unveils Benchmark series at Design and Construction Week

LAS VEGAS -- Design and Construction Week is well underway. Not only that, but the International Builders' Show (IBS) and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) are happening in Vegas right now, too. Fortunately, we're on the ground reporting the latest in home appliance news -- and Bosch just announced a new Benchmark product line for your reading and photo-viewing pleasure. It signals a complete overhaul of the Bosch kitchen suite.

Benchmark wall ovens

These 30-inch ovens boast a "universal cutout design" for easy installation. They also offer SideOpening doors that remind me of a typical … Read more