Teens expelled in keylogging of school computers

Eleven students apparently involved in a hacking scandal to change their grades were expelled this week from their high school in Newport Beach, Calif.

The Corona del Mar High School students were accused of using keyloggers to spy on their teachers' computer systems, infiltrate the network, and change their grades electronically.

Six of the students have left the district, and five have been transferred to other schools.

The students in question allegedly worked with a local tutor to learn how to hack into the school systems to change their grades and steal test papers.

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Keylogging threat could lead to more attacks, say researchers

A new threat is looming for browsers and it's not related to JavaScript.

Security researcher Mario Heiderich reported to the maker of Firefox last year that he had found an unusual vulnerability in the browser and two other Mozilla products that run on the Gecko engine, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey. Based in the relatively new technology that allows for animated complex vector graphics in the browser, called SVG animation, the vulnerability allowed for a malware writer to detect key strokes even when JavaScript was disabled.

Basically, he found a way to turn innocuous Web pages into keyloggers. Mozilla patched the … Read more

The best Internet Explorer security add-ons

Big things are brewing in the browser industry, which is good news for all Web denizens, regardless of your browser preference. At the same time, your current browser can probably be made safer through the proper application of the right security add-ons.

Top browsers in a state of continuous enhancement Google's Chrome browser continues to garner much of the attention of the computer press two years after its release--and for good reason. Frequent, automatic updates and a clutter-free interface are two of the many features that set Chrome apart from the competition, as Stephen Shankland describes in his DeepTech blog.… Read more