Tim Cook's review of new Apple book: 'Nonsense'

When it comes to a newly-published book about Apple and Steve Jobs, don't look for a two thumbs up from Tim Cook. A middle finger might be more likely.

The book, "Haunted Empire," focuses on the post-Jobs era and is written by former Wall Street Journal technology reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane. It draws a comparison between Jobs and Cook and argues that the company is in a period of decline from the apogee it reached during the reign of its legendary co-founder. But Cook, named CEO in August 2011 after an ailing Jobs resigned, blasted the book … Read more

The 404 1,140: Where 99 problems is still a lot of problems (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Artist encourages Apple to "Think Different" with Steve Jobs action figure sculpture.

- Man mistakenly sexts entire contact list, lands in jail.

- Jay-Z helms star-studded Barclays Center opening.

- Today is the 30th anniversary of the first CD sale in Japan...Steve Guttenberg reflects.

- Key set available for $150 on eBay provides an all-access pass to NYC.… Read more

preGame 24: Metroid: Other M; Kane and Lynch 2

Today on preGame, we'll take a look at Metroid: Other M, and Kane and Lynch 2.

It's been a while since we've featured a Wii title on preGame, but the latest installment in the Metroid franchise is a totally new take on the series and something we're excited to preview. Metroid: Other M combines 2D, 3D, third-, and first-person action in a way we haven't yet seen on the Wii.

Next we'll roam the gritty streets of Shanghai in Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. A complete departure from the original, Dog Days also … Read more

Kane & Lynch 2: Not a tripod in sight

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a complete reboot of the series. Set in gritty Shanghai, the game tells the story of an ordinary deal gone terribly wrong. Dog Days boasts a unique handheld-camera visual style, but does the gameplay live up to the styling? Read on to find out.

Kane & Lynch 2 is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Jeff: While we jest a bit with our headline, Io Interactive's latest take on the Kane & Lynch franchise propels the game into stylistically uncharted territory. It's by far the title's most attractive feature and easily the most impressive. Anyone who has shot on a budget MiniDV camera in low-light situations will instantly identify with the graininess and imperfections that are deliberately inserted into gameplay. Between the intentional pixelation, rough cuts, and dropped frames, Dog Days creates a consistent uneasy feeling throughout.

It's clear the developers spent a lot of time in Shanghai for research purposes, but we're not sure they did the city any service in terms of generating tourism. Dog Days is an ultra-violent and dark tale, with a healthy amount of scenes that include pretty graphic imagery. At times the content borders on campiness (something we actually enjoyed) whether intentional or not.

Gameplay doesn't quite live up to the unique visual style we're treated to. The vast majority of action is cover-based gun play, and we found a lot of the weapons to be underpowered. Enemies seemed to be able to take an awful lot of damage before defeat, and occasionally their AI would throw them into vulnerable cover.

Negatives aside, we really enjoyed the amount of environmental destructibility in the world. Most wood, paneling, and furniture disappears quickly, which kept us on our toes, adding to the chaotic atmosphere. … Read more

Joe Kane projector by Samsung reviewed, lauded

Samsung, with the help of video guru Joe Kane, again delivers outstanding performance in the high-end front-projection DLP category with the flagship SP-A900B. This 1080p resolution, one-chip DLP projector sports the latest Dark Chip 4 chip from Texas Instruments, but otherwise appears virtually the same as the SP-A800B that CNET projector reviewer Kevin Miller loved last last year.

The new chip results in superior black levels, which also increase the contrast ratio of the projector substantially. The 900B retains the same superb color found on its less expensive brother, along with its other stellar image quality characteristics, and as a … Read more

New 'Joe Kane projector' coming soon

Last year we awarded our Editors' Choice among front projectors to the Samsung SP-A800, saying the unit "outperforms every projector in its class hands-down." Its successor, the SP-A900, is coming soon, and we expect the new model to offer even better picture quality. For well-heeled home theater enthusiasts, the new SP-A900 will likely be the new Holy Grail of projection performance.

That expectation is based on the fact that both the SP-A800 and SP-A900 were designed with significant input from video guru Joe Kane who, among other accomplishments, created the reference calibration series Digital Video Essentials, including the … Read more

Criterion Collection's reference Blu-ray player is a PS3

It goes without saying that the folks who work at Criterion Collection are film buffs. And anyone who has watched one of the company's lovingly remastered DVDs can attest to the fact the company really cares about making films look as good as they can. That's why we took notice when a poster at AVS Forum pointed out an interesting tidbit in Sound & Vision's recent profile of Criterion Collection's new high-def home theater--Criterion's reference Blu-ray player is a PS3.

We're not exactly surprised. We've been using the PS3 as our reference Blu-ray player at CNET since it was released, and you'll notice that it tops our best Blu-ray players list by quite a margin. Furthermore, it's worth noting that video quality expert Joe Kane help set up Criterion's new home theater room. When we checked out Joe Kane's demo of the truly awesome SP-A800B at CES, we specifically asked what Blu-ray player he thought had the best image quality, he immediately said the PS3. So if you're worried about the image quality of a "game console" versus a high-end standalone Blu-ray player, it's worth rechecking your assumptions when CNET, Criterion and Joe Kane all vouch for the PS3's excellent performance.

Another interesting piece of gear we noted from the S&V article is… Read more

News.com Daily Podcast: So clean tech's another bubble? Not so fast

More new investment money is going into clean technology than any other sector of high tech. And while that's exciting a lot of investors, it's also raising questions about whether we're about to repeat history. CNET News.com's Martin LaMonica, who recently heard a number of experts debate the question, offers some comparative context to that question.

New York Post reporter Michael Kane followed two of professional gaming's best-known teams, Team 3D and CompLexity, as they fought for the coveted No. 1 spot in gaming. The result--Kane's book, out today, called Game Boys: Professional … Read more