Soccer fans set tweet-per-second record

In the Twitter world of sports, soccer proves to be king. During the peak of the Champions League match between Barcelona and Chelsea in Barcelona yesterday, 13,684 tweets per second were sent out globally -- setting a Twitter record for tweets during a sporting event.

"The conversation reached its high point immediately following Fernando Torres' late goal, which tied the game and sealed Chelsea's victory in the semi-final," Twitter said in a blog post today.

This means that soccer fans have now beat out football fans on the social network. According to the blog post, the … Read more

Files are protected, but it's missing some standard features

Despite a pretty interface, we weren't won over by this limited encryption tool. For some of our testers, KaKa File Encryption served up an error on first launch. The interface appeared after the message was cleared, but it wasn't a good first impression.

You don't need to install this executable; simply launch it when you want to use it. The interface is attractive and simple with a window for displaying selected files, a field to enter a password, and three command buttons: Add Files, Encrypt, and Close. The tiny Help file merely lists what the program offers, … Read more