Mark Cuban wins insider trading case brought by SEC

A federal jury found on Wednesday that billionaire Mark Cuban did not partake in insider trading -- putting an end to a 5-year-old lawsuit filed against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"I am glad this happened to me," Cuban told The Wall Street Journal. "I am glad I am wealthy enough to stand up to the SEC."

The SEC filed the suit in 2008 against Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and former Yahoo and Broadcast.com executive, for allegedly relying on confidential information when he sold his stake in search engine Mamma.com … Read more

Samsung loses bid for new trial after Apple's $1B verdict

A federal judge has denied Samsung's request for dismissal of Apple's verdict and for a new trial based on allegations of jury misconduct, saying Samsung should have done more work during jury questioning.

In seeking to have Apple's $1 billion verdict arising from software patents on mobile devices overturned, the South Korean electronics giant argued it was tainted by the jury foreman's failure to disclose previous litigation with Seagate Technology, a company in which Samsung is a major investor, as well as an alleged bias made evident by statements made to the media after the verdict. … Read more

Jury sides with Apple, LG in Alcatel-Lucent patent suit

Neither Apple nor fellow defendant LG Electronics infringed on patents held by Alcatel-Lucent, a Southern California jury said today.

A jury in a federal court in San Diego reached its decision following a two-week patent trial, Bloomberg notes.

Multimedia Patent Trust, a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, sued the two companies in December 2010 for alleged infringement on three of its patents covering video technology. The matter went to trial late last month.

The lawsuit targeted Apple's portable iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, along with computers such as MacBooks and iMacs -- effectively, anything that included Apple'… Read more

Apple: Jury foreman comments were 'balanced, not biased'

Weeks after Samsung filed paperwork requesting a new trial over objections with a particular juror, a big damages tally, and patent issues, Apple has filed its response.

As you'd imagine, the iPhone and iPad maker, which was awarded $1.05 billion by a San Jose jury as part of a sweeping legal win in August, isn't into a re-do.

In a 30-page filing tonight, the company attacked each of the claims made in Samsung's October 2 filing, saying the South Korean electronics giant "fails to meet the high bar to obtain judgment or new trial on … Read more

Samsung raises jury misconduct in bid for new Apple trial

Samsung is alleging juror misconduct in new court filings asking a federal judge to throw out Apple's billion-dollar jury verdict and allow a new trial.

In a flurry of court documents, Samsung's attorneys list a series of cases, including ones that federal courts in California must follow, in which juror misconduct prompted a new trial. Their apparent argument: interviews that jurors in the landmark case gave to news organizations provide evidence of misconduct serious enough to have influenced the verdict.

One document reviewed by CNET shows Samsung predicting its arguments will likely "subject all of the jurors … Read more

Memento for patent jurors: 42 articles they missed during trial

British author Douglas Adams joked in his seminal work "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" that "the answer to life, the universe, and everything" was 42. It turns out that's the same answer the court in the Apple v. Samsung trial arrived at when considering the satisfactory number of news stories to give the formerly sequestered jury members once the trial wrapped up.

The request for such a collection came from U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh after one juror mentioned having seen just a headline about the trial on the very first day. … Read more

Apple v. Samsung: Juror says both sides' lawyers were persuasive

The Apple v. Samsung patent dispute not only pitted two of the top consumer electronics companies against each other, but the case was also a showdown between some of the country's best patent litigators.

Leading the charge for Apple was Harold McElhinny of the law firm Morrison Foerster. Samsung's courtroom gladiator was Charles Verhoeven, a lawyer with the firm Quinn Emanuel.

Samsung's attorneys got their noses bloodied on Friday when a nine-person jury returned a verdict that Samsung had infringed on most of Apple's patent claims and found that Apple did not infringe on any of … Read more

How qualified is the Apple-Samsung jury? We found out

Complete coverage: Apple v. Samsung, a battle over billions

The nine-person jury in the Apple v. Samsung case decided one of the tech sector's most significant patent cases -- and only one member has any experience with patents.

The verdict in the case could go a long way toward shaping the future of the smartphone and tablet markets, and of the nine jurors, only four own a smartphone. Three own tablets.

Still, the jury, which has now reached a verdict (our live blog is here), wasn't necessarily made up of tech novices either. Four of them have worked … Read more

U.S. indicts Brit Ryan Cleary for Fox, PBS hacks

The British man that allegedly hacked into the Fox reality TV show "The X-Factor" and the "PBS News Hour," along with music companies and government security agencies, was indicted by a U.S. federal grand jury on conspiracy and hacking charges today, according to the Associated Press.

Ryan Cleary, 20, reportedly had ties to the well-known branch of Anonymous called LulzSec before he was arrested in London last June (although the hacktivist group denies his involvement with it). U.S. federal prosecutors said today that he worked to take down, deface, and steal personal information from … Read more

Court orders Jammie Thomas to pay RIAA $1.92 million

Note Legal experts now say that Jammie Thomas-Rasset may avoid paying damages to the recording industry by filing bankruptcy. Read the story here.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found guilty of willful copyright infringement on Thursday in a Minneapolis federal court and must pay the recording industry $1.92 million.

In a surprise decision, the jury imposed damages against Thomas-Rasset, who was originally accused of sharing more than 1,700 songs, at a whopping $80,000 for each of the 24 songs she was ultimately found guilty of illegally sharing.

In 2007, the Recording Industry Association of America claimed in a lawsuit … Read more