Review: Music Hits Jukebox displays the top hits on iTunes and YouTube

Music Hits Jukebox is not a music player and if you expect it to be, you'll be disappointed; but for what it offers, it does a decent job. The core functionality here allows you to cruise the charts on various music sites and services--including iTunes, YouTube, and last.fm. Actively updated on a regular basis and featuring numerous ways to sample and buy songs, or watch music videos on YouTube, Music Hits Jukebox does a good job in this regard.

The app opens with a number of options. You can view the current charts, or you can see the … Read more

Get a full-size Electrohome CD/MP3 jukebox for $799.99 shipped

Pinball machine: check. Vintage Coke machine: check. Now all you need is a jukebox to finish off that awesome man-cave, basement rec room, or retro-themed loft.

Ah, but real old-fashioned jukeboxes limit you to a few dozen songs. I'd be more inclined to buy something that combines classic styling with modern technology.

Like this: for one week, Shoptronics.com has the Electrohome Kinsman Jukebox for $799.99 shipped when you apply coupon code JUKECNET at checkout. That's $200 off the regular price, and a CNET/Cheapskate exclusive.

The Kinsman looks like something from a '50s diner, but instead … Read more

JukeBox Free 1.00 Review

Jukebox Free is designed to provide a free and easy tool for creating playlists and running them on your iPhone without accessing the music app. It has limited features to do so, however, and because it doesn't interact with the Music app directly, there are issues with DRM that severely limit its usefulness.

The interface for Jukebox Free is easy to use. It opens with a blank screen and a play bar at the bottom. To add music, you press the + button in the top- left corner and it will go to your Music app and start pulling songs … Read more

Let guests DJ your party

I get all panicked when I have to put together music for a party. It's not because I hate music; it's because I love it too much.

Putting together a playlist is like putting my ego on the line. If someone doesn't like a song I picked out -- or just fails to love it as much as I hoped they would -- it has the power to send me into a depressive spiral of self-loathing.

I'm weird that way. I could never make it as a DJ.

That why I was excited to see CNET … Read more

Infinite Jukebox: Your favorite song ... forever

It all started with Infinite Gangnam Style. For Music Hack Day Reykjavik, Paul Lamere, Director of Development Platform for the "music intelligence" company The Echo Nest, took Psy's "Gangnam Style" sensation to the next technological level. By breaking down the song into parts and matching similar parts in various patterns, he created a dynamic remix of the song that never ends. For Music Hack Day Boston last weekend, he modified and updated the musical algorithm to work with (nearly) any song, resulting in the webware app Infinite Jukebox, with the tagline "For when your … Read more

The 404 1,107: Where we're all friends with Gems (podcast)

- What artists and songs were found on John Lennon's long lost jukebox?

- Ultimate Ears' custom tuned in-ear monitors.

- Condav99's custom Nintendo Boomcase! More on Boomcases here.

- Can a tiny $39 amp make your headphones sound a lot better?

- The Audiophiliac picks 11 of the world's best headphones.

- The Philips Shoqbox is our favorite camp-friendly, rugged Bluetooth speaker.

- Self-portraits done to a different drug every day.

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Audio? Video? iTunes does it all

Bottom line: Version 10.6 of iTunes brings a handful of enhancements to Apple's ubiquitous media software, and adds support for 1080p video.

Review: As one of the most popular programs for managing music and video content on a personal computer, Apple's iTunes software has become an indispensable part of our digital life.

Interface The look and layout of iTunes 10 is essentially identical to that of iTunes 9, with just a couple of noticeable differences. The first is that Apple has updated its logo for iTunes. Rather than the old-school music note-over-CD icon, you'll see a … Read more

The 404 820: Where we stop using cliches for show titles (podcast)

It's Friday the 13th, but nothing is creepier than this morning's news about Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men.' On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, we're talking about the list of other potential castings for the slot, the Library of Congress launching a National Jukebox, a pricey out of court settlement from Lime Wire, and a user-submitted picture of Natali Morris that's too wrong not to show.

The 404 Digest for Episode 820

Ashton Kutcher will replace Sheen on "Two and a Half Men." Library of Congress quietly announces The National Jukebox. Lime Wire settles for $105 million. Lady Gaga presents her own version of Farmville on Facebook. Oh what the hell, here's Ahmad's picture of a beautiful woman... with a beard.

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Songbird to fly onto Android devices

Fans of the free music discovery and management program Songbird will soon be able to enjoy that experience on the go--if they have an Android device, that is. The developer recently announced a beta app for the mobile operating system; those who are eager to give the software a spin can download the APK (link) for the next four weeks and submit feedback to Songbird. For people who prefer a more polished experience, the full release is expected to be out near the end of February.

So what can you expect from Songbird for Android? Well, the developer blog isn'… Read more

Mufin Music Player: A different kind of jukebox

When it comes to music software, there is one fact that's impossible to deny: There's no shortage of digital jukeboxes available for download. (Whether you like the choices is another matter entirely). As such, it's a special challenge for companies to get their offerings to stand out from the herd. Magix makes quite the impressive attempt with Mufin Music Player, though.

This handy music manager integrates a digital sound analyzer that aims to provide you with a list of songs similar to whichever track you select at any given moment. In other words, rather than using humans … Read more