IE takes Contre Jour to the next level

Contre Jour may look like little more than a high-gloss version of Cut the Rope, but that sheen goes a long way. Last year, it earned top honors from Apple itself in 10 countries across Asia and Europe, and starting today you can play Contre Jour on the Web for free for the first time.

It appears to faithfully replicate its gameplay from the iPad, right down to the multi-touch controls required to advance in the third chapter. But while the game is pretty to look at and fun to play, it's a showcase -- like Google's Cirque du Soleil experimentRead more

Arcade puzzle games for iOS

Are you a puzzle gamer? My iOS devices have a mix of gaming genres, from action arcade titles and racing games, to FPS shooters and role-playing adventure games. But sometimes I also like to focus in and test my logic and problem-solving skills with puzzle games.

Some great games have come out recently that are worthy of any puzzle-gaming fan's iPhone. All of these titles are worthy of checking out, because they have plenty of challenge, are all very polished graphically, and are perfect for when you want to put your brain-teaser skills to the test.… Read more

Wake up to your favorite cup of tea

Coffee lovers have it too easy. In order to enjoy their favorite brew, all they have to do is head down to the corner. Chances are there will be a caf? on one of those four corners (if not on the way). For those that prefer to make coffee at home, there are numerous ways to go from bean to brew, and once a method (drip, espresso, French press, etc.) is determined, usually all that is required is finding a consistent grind. Not so with tea lovers, the magic in tea is usually unlocked by temperature and steeping time. Since … Read more