Job Search review

With the free Job Search app on your Android device, you can look for open positions using Indeed's search engine. You can view jobs within a few miles of home or in a different country. You can even apply for many jobs directly from the app.


Create account or use without: We didn't have to create an account or swipe through a bunch of ads to use Job Search. Creating a free account has advantages, though, such as resume posting and email alerts of new job listings.

Not only US jobs: We could search for jobs in … Read more

Jobs+ review

Jobs+ displays local job listings on your Android device. You can search by job type and even apply for many positions directly. Jobs+ also offers job-hunting and resume tips. This free but ad-supported app from Mobile Resources is suitable for Android 2.3 and up.


Jobs to go: Jobs+ puts job listings right where you need them, on the device that goes wherever you go, even into job interviews.

ZIPpy: We merely had to enter our ZIP Code to see local job listings with the latest listings displayed first. Jobs+ displayed available openings throughout our local metro region, not … Read more

Glassdoor: Jobs & Salaries review

Glassdoor: Jobs & Salaries stands out from average job listings Web sites by offering you comprehensive information about companies provided by current or former employees, all of which is presented in a neat, intuitive interface. This is a fantastic app to have if you're looking for a new job.


Provides great insight into a company: Glassdoor: Jobs & Salaries doesn't only help you find attractive jobs, but also brings you valuable insight on how it feels to work for a specific company, what the management is like, and the company's faults and virtues. Since all the … Read more

Christian Bale is top choice to play Steve Jobs, says report

Move over, Aston Kutcher, there may soon be a new Steve Jobs in town. An as-yet-untitled movie for Sony Pictures centering around the Apple co-founder has a script by Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network"), but it doesn't yet have a star attached. Director David Fincher ("Girl with the Dragon Tattoo") is said to be the likeliest person to helm the production. According to a report from TheWrap, Fincher said he would only do the film if Christian Bale signs on as the lead.

The source is a classic unnamed "individual familiar with the project." Whether that person is a Sony exec or a coffee fetcher, we don't know. Fincher and Sorkin teamed up previously for "The Social Network," a geek-flavored film about the rise of Facebook. It would seem natural to turn them loose together on the Steve Jobs story.… Read more

Tim Cook's review of new Apple book: 'Nonsense'

When it comes to a newly-published book about Apple and Steve Jobs, don't look for a two thumbs up from Tim Cook. A middle finger might be more likely.

The book, "Haunted Empire," focuses on the post-Jobs era and is written by former Wall Street Journal technology reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane. It draws a comparison between Jobs and Cook and argues that the company is in a period of decline from the apogee it reached during the reign of its legendary co-founder. But Cook, named CEO in August 2011 after an ailing Jobs resigned, blasted the book … Read more

Steve Jobs quote app rejected by Apple, report says

A new app has surfaced that features Steve Jobs quotes. But it turns out Apple wasn't impressed, according to a new report.

Quoth Steve has cropped up on the Web as a mobile app that users can run in the browser. The app provides daily Steve Jobs quotes that can be saved, shared via social networks, or synched to different devices. The app was initially planned for Apple's App Store, but according to co-creator John Gill, who coincidentally works as a developer at Amazon, Apple denied its entry into its marketplace.

Speaking to Recode in an interview published … Read more

Steve Jobs reportedly thought TVs a 'terrible business'

Never mind those years of persistent rumors and speculation: Steve Jobs was reportedly not in favor of Apple producing a television set.

Rumors that Apple had an Internet-connected TV set in the works have floated around since 2009, including one analyst predicting that Apple would produce a TV set by the end of 2012 or early 2013. However, during a 2010 meeting just months before Jobs' resignation as CEO, the Apple co-founder told key staff members that he didn't think Apple would ever release a television set because of the poor margins and upgrade history, according to a new … Read more

One more thing: Opera mashes up Steve Jobs, Shakespeare

Steve Jobs built his castle through Apple from which to oversee a digital kingdom, complete with the world's most sought-after walled garden seeded with beautiful devices in constant bloom. Jobs was as much a king of computers as Shakespeare's Henry V was king of England, or at least that's the premise behind an opera that mashes up the lives of the two leaders, which debuts Friday at the Theatre de la Renaissance in France.… Read more

Shaq reveals Apple fanboy credentials

As you drifted from one ridiculous work problem to another today, as you wondered whether your tolerance threshold was being reached, you probably mused to yourself: "I wonder how much Shaq spends on apps."

Because this blog is primarily a sociopsychological service, I can help you with that question. For at SXSW, Shaquille O'Neal revealed the true depths of his inner geek to The Wall Street Journal.

"I'm not ashamed to say I'm a geek," he said. Which is good, as he might be ashamed to say he's a Laker, given that … Read more

Digging for Atari's 'corporate shame,' the buried E.T. games

AUSTIN, Texas -- E.T. wants to go home. But first there will have to be a massive excavation of a city's garbage dump.

As is part of video-game industry lore, in 1983 Atari ran screaming from its ill-advised E.T. game and hastily and quietly buried millions of cartridges. Somewhere. No one was quite sure where.

It turns out the where was Alamgordo, N.M., and almost certainly deep in the giant city garbage dump. Last year, a team of filmmakers announced they're working on a documentary about the infamous E.T. game disaster -- which cost … Read more