Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond gets 10 years in prison

Hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Friday for hacking into global intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting in December 2011.

The self-described "hacktivist" was handed down the maximum sentence in Manhattan federal court by Chief US District Judge Loretta A. Preska for his role in the massive Stratfor hack and other hacks. In May, Hammond pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act -- which lowered his potential sentence from a maximum of 35 years to 10 years.

"Yes I broke the law, but I believe sometimes laws … Read more

Prominent figures voice support for hacktivist Jeremy Hammond

While the feds consider Jeremy Hammond a criminal hacker, thousands of others think of him as an altruistic political activist.

Hammond, 28, is accused of leading the massive Stratfor hack, which resulted in the alleged theft of 200GB worth of data from companies and government agencies like the US Army, the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, Coca Cola, and Bank of America.

Though Hammond pleaded guilty to conspiracy, he also claims that this hack was fueled by his need to protest and expose the secret actions of the government and private corporations.

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Hacker accused of massive Stratfor attack pleads guilty

Jeremy Hammond was arrested in a major federal sweep last year on charges of computer hacking conspiracy, computer hacking, and conspiracy to commit access device fraud.

The self-described hacktivist pled guilty to these counts in court on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

"As part of each of these hacks, I took and decimated confidential information stored on computer systems websites used by each of the entities," Hammond told a judge in federal court in Manhattan, according to the Associated Press. "For each of these hacks, I knew what I was doing was against the law."… Read more

What's more 'practical,' a Ferrari or a high-end hi-fi?

Eyeball a car magazine or two on a newsstand and there's a good chance you'll spot a 200-mile-per-hour dream machine gracing the cover. Why not? They're gorgeous weapons of speed, and they all sell for more than the price of your house. Supercar MSRP inflation shows no signs of letting up, all (three) of the $3.9 million, 750-horsepower Lamborghini Venenos are spoken for. Ferraris are priced somewhat more competitively; the legendary Italian maker will soon offer 499 editions of their $1.15 million carbon-fiber-bodied, hybrid V-12/electric LaFerrari, which has 963 horsepower and can reach 217 … Read more

Samsung teases S4 colors in latest Jeremy ad for Unpacked

What is Jeremy's favorite color?!

Samsung today released Part 2 of its teaser ad series for the Galaxy S4 smartphone launch with its "secret messenger," a boy named Jeremy. In the first ad, Jeremy is allowed to look inside a box that ostensibly houses the Galaxy S4, and runs home with it. At the end of that video, Jeremy sits down at a desk in his room and the video ends with "to be continued."

In the second installment, Jeremy is hounded by a neighbor girl, Jane, who thinks the package is for her (or … Read more

Galaxy S4's awkward tween messenger

CNET Update can't keep a secret:

Soon we will know the secrets of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Until the smartphone is unveiled on March 14, the young Jeremy Maxwell must keep the secret smartphone safe. (Wait, what?) Samsung's odd teaser video for the Galaxy S4 might leave you asking, "What was Samsung thinking?"

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- YouTube's iOS app can send videos to your TV

- The Socialmatic Camera will be made in 2014, with support from Polariod

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In new ad, Samsung not worried Galaxy S4 will be lost in a bar

When Apple gives a new phone to a child, that child gets drunk and leaves it in a bar.

Samsung, on the other hand, is far more trusting.

A new teaser ad which is surely for its Galaxy S4 phone (clue: Tagline is "Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy") offers a blond-haired boy who, for some unexplained reason, is being given the first of the new phones.

Jeremy Maxwell, aged, oh, perhaps 11, is being given the role of "Secret Messenger" for the new phone.

Why is he secret? And to whom must he deliver the … Read more

Dancing baby vs. YouTube-Prince case set to go to trial

The woman who posted a video of her children dancing to the Prince tune "Let's Go Crazy" and has since waged nearly a six-year legal fight with Universal Music Group over the clip, may see her day in court.

US District Judge Jeremy Fogel ruled today that a summary judgment will not decide this case, which means that if the two parties don't settle, this lawsuit will proceed to a jury trial.

The whole suit got started in 2007 when Prince asked YouTube to remove the clip of the dancing boys. When the clip got scrubbed, … Read more

Yelp calls FTC deal with Google a 'missed opportunity'

Yelp, the local listing service that has long been critical of Google's ways, is understandably disappointed with the FTC's settlement with the search giant. Other than a few minor concessions -- which you can read about here -- the government determined that Google's search practices are legal.

"Today's announcements by the FTC validate a number of the concerns we have raised about Google's dominance in the search market and its anti-competitive behavior," Yelp said in a statement. "The closure of the Commission's investigation into search bias by Google without action, however, … Read more

Lots of little 'lectrics at the LA Auto Show (roundup)

Take a look around the 2012 LA Auto Show and you'll see quite a few compact, fully-electric vehicles. Having spent much time creeping along at 20 mph on Los Angeles' gridlocked highways and stopping-and-going on its crowded streets this week, I can think of no better city to get excited about EVs.

We've rounded up the biggest players in this year's small EV class, many of which are currently available to consumers or will be sometime in 2013.

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet follows up its Volt with the smaller, simpler Spark EV. Based on the smallest model … Read more