Prizefight: Google New Nexus 7 vs. Apple iPad Mini

The 7-inch tablet market just got even hotter with Google's new Nexus 7 so we're throwing it into the Prizefight ring with Apple's iPad Mini.

Apple's iPad Mini still brings some of the best level of design and the power of its iTunes and App Store ecosystems that can't be ignored.

The New Nexus 7 is pushing the 7-inch tablet into new territory with its full HD display. Plus, Google's Play store has transformed itself over the past year; it's no longer a weak spot for Android.

Which tablet will reign supreme? Google'… Read more

Prizefight: LG Optimus G Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It's another battle of the phablets in the Prizefight ring. LG's Optimus G Pro is the latest contender to try to take down the reigning champion, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Smartphone meets tablet with these big screen behemoths. The Galaxy Note 2 brings its stylus to the fight while the Optimus G Pro uses your finger.

LG's blazing Snapdragon processor and a 1080p screen is unmatched right now and Samsung's one of the most versatile feature-rich phablets we've ever seen.

It's a face-off for Prizefight supremacy. Which phablet is your Prizefight champion? Cast … Read more

Prizefight: HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5 (video)

The next generation of Android phones is coming, and you can't ignore the HTC One with its beautiful design that makes Apple fanboys drool. So we're taking the two of the best designed phones on the market and throwing them inside the Prizefight ring!

Does the iPhone 5 still have enough in the tank before its next refresh to hold off the hard-charging HTC One?

Or will the next generation of Android phones and HTC's cleaned-up Sense UI reign supreme in 2013?

Which is your Prizefight King of the Ring?

Prizefight: iOS 6 vs. Android Jelly Bean

It's a first time face-off between Apple and Google for smartphone operating system supremacy. New phones are being released every month, but one of the things that remains pretty constant are the operating systems they are running.

It's Apple's extremely popular iOS 6 taking on Android in its purest form with an unmodified Jelly Bean 4.2.2

iOS 6 brings its pick-up-and-play operating system, and the biggest and baddest ecosystem of content on a phone. Android brings its unmatched customization and more features than Panda Express has menu combinations

This one will always come down to … Read more

Asus' lovable Windows 8/Android mashup

The Sony Vaio Tap 20 introduced us to the idea of the all-in-one/tablet hybrid device. Asus has taken that concept, slathered it with Asus' particular brand of experimental enthusiasm, and brought it to life in the form of the $1,299 Transformer AIO.

The Transformer AIO, like the Sony Tap 20, shows an effort to offer consumers an intriguing new blend of all-in-one desktop and semiportable tablet. Rather than following Sony's approach of relying on Windows 8's new touch-friendly interface to achieve that mix with a single, seamless piece of hardware, the Transformer AIO essentially gives you … Read more

Archos 97 Titanium HD tablet to offer Retina-like display

Archos attempts to strengthen its Element series of tablets by announcing the 97 Titanium HD. The 9.7-inch tablet will ship with Android 4.1 and a promising 2,048x1,536-pixel IPS display. This matches the resolution of the current-generation iPad.

The tablet houses a 1.6GHz dual-core A9 processor, a quad-core Mali 400 MP4 GPU, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. Other features include a microSD expansion slot, Micro-USB port, a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

The Archos 97 Titanium pricing is set at $249 but a release date has yet to be announced. … Read more

Episode 18: The Galaxy Note 2 and a ThinkPad torture test

When Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note last year at CES, the phone met with, well, a mountain of mockery.

It was inexplicably huge, it came with a stylus, hallmark of the hopelessly unhip, and worse, pundits took to calling it a "phablet" -- half phone, half tablet. It appeared to be a product in search of a market it could never, ever hope to find.

We were wrong. The Note found a following, and Samsung reportedly sold 20 million of the funny little things. That's pretty good for a tweener device with no known purpose.

And here … Read more