EasyRaterLite for iTunes for Mac review

EasyRaterLite for iTunes for Mac lets you rate the songs, which you are listening to with no need to bring iTunes to the front. It gives you a small and unobtrusive menu bar icon that displays the current track's rating or a question mark if the track has no rating, and offers you a faster way to rate songs. Nothing more, nothing less.

After a drag-and-drop install, EasyRaterLite for iTunes for Mac shows you the rating of the song currently playing in iTunes as well as basic track info such as album name, cover art, artist, song name, and … Read more

Softtote iTunes Recovery Free for Mac review

Softtote iTunes Recovery Free for Mac lets you search for and retrieve many types of iTunes files that may have been lost from your mobile device. Through its highly intuitive interface, you can browse through all kinds of backup files from your iTunes account to find the ones you're looking for, and save them to your computer.

When you install Softtote, the app will automatically check your iTunes account and retrieve any backup information stored on your computer. This information will be organized by device of origin, and then broken into additional categories for you to browse through. Categories … Read more

Samsung's answer to Apple's iTunes Radio: Milk Music

Samsung is taking on Apple's iTunes Radio, as well as Pandora, Spotify, and a host of other companies in the competitive streaming music business, but it picked an innocuous name to do it.

Milk Music, launched Friday and available now in the Google Play store, is Samsung's latest foray into a music service, this time a streaming radio offering.

It's free to download and free to listen to, and importantly, unlike iTunes Radio, it doesn't have ads.

But the company is entering a competitive field. Streaming is the music industry's area of greatest growth, but … Read more

Facebook feeds now playing video ads

CNET Update is Crushing it:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Watch for new video advertisements popping up in your Facebook feed. The first ad rolling out this week is a trailer for the movie 'Divergent.'

- Donate to non-profits on Facebook with a new button. (And give Facebook your credit card info in the process.)

- Check out Samsung's new Android game controller, the GamePad. If you can't wait, then get something similar now from Moga.

- Play the most downloaded iTunes app of 2013, Candy Crush Saga. And see which other media made Apple's top downloads list. … Read more

Review: iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac scans for files in your iTunes backup folder

iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac allows you to scan through and pull items out of old recovery files you have stored on your Mac. If you have old images, videos, contact information, text messages, or other files stored in the recovery images from backing up an iPhone or iPad, this app will allow you to extract them and move them to individual folders on your machine.

When you open iGooSoft after a quick installation, you can instantly start searching through your recovery files. They will be listed by device and date. Click any one of them and it will instantly … Read more

Review: Sync your iTunes library to an Android device via USB using SyncTunes

SyncTunes allows you to easily sync your iTunes library to an Android device via a USB device. The application is easy to use and offers an ideal solution for times when you need to quickly transfer iTunes music, playlists, videos, and podcasts from your PC to your mobile device.

Upon opening SyncTunes, you will be prompted to install the second part of the application, the SyncTunes desktop app for Windows, which is required to move items from your iTunes library to your Android device. This doesn't require you to download the companion app from another Web site, though as … Read more

iTunes Radio snags 11 million users

Apple's iTunes Radio has already picked up 11 million listeners since its launch last week, Apple announced Monday.

Available through iTunes 11 and iOS 7, iTunes Radio takes a page from Pandora's playbook. You can create and add different music stations to your feed based on your tastes and listen to songs streamed from each one. You can fine-tune each station to play only hits, a variety of songs, or a "discovery" of music new to you.

Apple also naturally makes it easy to buy any song via iTunes with a price tag that you can … Read more

Review: Purge your iTunes library of duplicates with Cleaner for iTunes

Keeping iTunes free of duplicates and dead links is much less painful with help from tools like MarkelSoft's Cleaner for iTunes. Cleaner's job is to search quickly through your iTunes installation, library, and links and automatically delete duplicate files and dead links. It saves deleted files in a folder for review, too. Cleaner is configured to be the fastest and easiest way to clean up your iTunes library, and its scanning process certainly lives up to the billing. But the free trial version of this shareware that we tried is limited to five file deletions, so we can'… Read more

Review: Change songs via gestures with Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac

Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac allows users to change songs playing in iTunes without touching their computer, even when doing other activities. While its lack of instruction means trial and error is required, the program ultimately works as intended.

At around 30MB, Control iTunes with Gestures for Mac takes a few minutes to download. The program opens as a window with the Mac's Webcam enabled and active. The video fills most of the window, while a row of buttons, which are labeled well, sit across the bottom. This allows for manual playback of songs, as well as locking … Read more

Review: Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac allows iTunes customization

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac is an excellent application for customizing Apple's media software. Despite its utility, novice Mac users may have trouble with its slightly complicated installation process.

After downloading, Change Hidden iTunes Preferences for Mac opens up as a disk image with detailed installation instructions. While comprehensive, it requires users to open hidden folders, create new ones, and drag the application's scripts into them. This could be too complicated for some early Mac users. The instructions did work, though, with the application's scripts becoming visible in the drop-down menus in iTunes. Once clicked, an … Read more