View extensive system statistics with iStat pro for Mac

While some statistics on computer performance may be found easily, gathering and compiling them in one place isn't an option. With iStat Pro for Mac, you can view a simple widget with all your system performance information in one place.

Available as freeware with no restrictions, iStat Pro for Mac installs quickly and launches itself in the widget menu automatically. The program has limited support and options related to readout and measurement standards, but these limitations are not unexpected because of its stated purpose. The basic interface shows data for CPU usage, available memory, device and processor temperature, and … Read more

Best Mac software of 2007

The year 2007 might be one of the biggest years for Apple in recent memory. Certainly a lot of great products have been released over the years, but none had the anticipation or the media fervor as did the iPhone. The new iPod Touch, the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and the funny Mac vs. PC ads we're seeing these days only added to the hype with more people starting to "Think different" than ever before. With Macworld just around the corner and promises of new Mac hardware on the horizon, the future of … Read more

iPod speakers or dressing-room mirror?

With all the attention paid to iPhone speakers and other related gear, one might imagine that the iPod has fallen off the planet. But rest assured, the cottage industry is still churning out various accessories for the media player; after all, if they're being made for the Zune, then certainly the iPod should be well equipped.

Logic3, which already has made its mark with several iPod-related items in its "i-Station" brand, is continuing that streak with the "i-Station Concert." This speaker-dock system isn't as sleek as previous products in the line, looking something like … Read more

Wake up to a subwoofer

What's the difference between an alarm clock and another alarm clock? Nothing. That's right, nothing. They disturb our tranquil slumber with their irate, buzzing ringer that is single-handedly provoking more pre-8am violence than any other product in existence. So what's the remedy? How about attaching something to your alarm clock that you don't want to hurl at the closest wall, such as your iPod? To make waking up all the more enjoyable, why not throw a subwoofer into the mix too?

Logic3 has kindly decided to build an iPod-docking alarm clock that comes complete with 2.… Read more