Listen to music on your Android device with iRadio

Listening to the radio on the radio is a thing of the past. Apps like iHeartRadio and TuneIn have made it easy and downright enjoyable to listen via your smartphone or tablet. iRadio would probably like to be the mentioned in the same breath as those apps. However, its dismal performance makes it tough to even consider it a worthwhile alternative.

Once it's installed, the app is still fundamentally useless until you add all of iRadio's predetermined stations. When you try, you're greeted with a never-ending loading bar. Trying to load stations crashed the app twice during … Read more

Hidden 'radio' buttons discovered in Apple's iOS 6.1

There's a hint that Apple has something new in the pipeline, and the company appears to have tucked it away inside the latest version of its iOS software.

Discovered last night within a freshly jailbroken iPad: a set of buttons and code references for "radio," a feature found in iTunes on Macs and PCs, but not on the iPad or iPhone. Making things more interesting is another button suggesting you can make purchases via the radio feature, presumably from iTunes.

The buttons, which were spotted by 9to5Mac, hint at Apple's much-rumored radio service, a product that … Read more