Review: Math Fractions: Introduction teaches math on a messy interface

The developers behind Math Fractions: Introduction manage to take the same winning formula they've used in other math-based games and apply it effectively to the development and execution of a game world and quiz structure that is fun and educational for all levels of learners.

When your child first starts using Math Fractions: Introduction, they are prompted to create a character, name that character, and give them clothing. They are then dropped into a typical child's room that they can explore by tapping around. While the resulting interface is a bit messy and hard to navigate, the effect … Read more

Apple posts video of iPhone 5 introduction

You've read the reports with rapt attention and scrolled through the images -- now you have a chance to see the debut of the iPhone 5 as the audience saw it this morning.

Apple has posted the video of the unveiling of its much-anticipated next-generation smartphone to its Web site. The video shows Apple CEO Tim Cook taking the wraps off the new iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and ear buds as well as detailing the iTunes revamp.

If you are more of a Foo Fighters fan than Apple fanboy, fast forward to 1 hour 42 minutes into the … Read more

Expect some freshness from Jaymar Cabebe

As you may have gathered (or not), I'm new here.

I'm Jaymar Cabebe, CNET's newest Associate Editor, and I wanted to briefly introduce myself to all of the wonderful readers who frequent our site. Officially, I'll be covering Mobile and Windows software, BUT being the unabashed tech-geek that I am, I may just chime in on some other topics as well. All in all, I am incredibly excited to add a fresh voice to your daily tech news stream.

I come to CNET with a rich background in digital, including work in interactive advertising, and stints … Read more

Hi I'm Matthew Carruth!

Hello there. I am one of the ten bloggers selected by CNET (along with Ben, thanks to Andrew Mager for the contest entry link, though I got it via Facebook) to test drive the Palm Pre for a month. Hopefully, I am able to provide a unique perspective from the other bloggers. A little background info about myself.

I am a software engineer living in Seattle, Washington. I write for three other blogs, a few actual printed publications and am an active social web participator with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like.

On one hand, as evidenced by my occupation … Read more

Welcome to The Social!

Hi, I'm Caroline! This is my new blog, which the benevolent dictatorship at CNET has generously allowed me to create as part of our fun new personal blogging endeavor. Here, I'll talk about the social dimension of the digital world--from the unwritten etiquette of Facebook to the viral sensation of the Dramatic Chipmunk to hilarious misadventures in text messaging. I like to think of it as new media with more cowbell, but seeing as this is the first post, I can't really illustrate that yet. You'll just have to take my word for it.… Read more

Looks like I'm up and running...

Well, I got some quick training on CNET's blogging software, so I'm ready to get going with this thing.

First, my thanks to CNET's Michael Kanellos for inviting me to join this site. I've known Michael a long time, and it's always a pleasure to work with him.

I'd also like to expand a little on the short bio that appears on the main Speeds and Feeds page.

I'm the VP of System Architecture at Montalvo Systems, a startup here in Silicon Valley. I can't say much about Montalvo yet; we're … Read more

Greetings from baby land!

Hello, world! Believe me, that little geek joke is more appropriate than you know right now. I'm Molly Wood, executive editor for CNET TV, and if you're thinking, "there's no Molly Wood on CNET TV," it's because I've been on a tiny little hiatus; quite tiny, really. How tiny? This tiny:

Anyway, when I'm not doing this, I'm the usual host of the Buzz Report, currently being handled extremely ably by the fabulous Brian Cooley. I do the Buzz Out Loud podcast, the Gadgettes podcast, assorted Quick Tips, Insider Secrets, and … Read more

Tom Merritt likes corn chips

Hello, I'm Tom Merritt, executive editor for CNET TV. I'm supposed to write you a blog entry introducing you to myself by way of introducing you to the new CNET TV blog. I think the idea is that if I use my personality to get you engaged in our blog, you'll identify with it more, and have a warmer more personal feeling about CNET TV. I probably wasn't supposed to tell you that. Let me start again. Hello, I'm Tom Merritt and welcome to the new CNET TV blog. Boy is this going to be … Read more