Interviewly makes sense of Reddit's messy AMAs

Reddit AMAs can be interesting and even insightful, but their chaotic layout makes them less than user-friendly. A Web site called Interviewly tries to clear up the chaos.

The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) gives people a chance to interact with celebrities, tech leaders, and other prominent people through Q&A sessions. Anyone who joins in on a Reddit AMA can throw out questions hoping for a response from the interviewee. But actually reading an AMA is a chore as questions, comments, conversation threads, and responses all get jumbled together.

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BlackBerry could turn BBM into an ATM in emerging markets

BlackBerry might soon become a mobile ATM.

Speaking to Recode in an interview published on Tuesday, BlackBerry enterprise president John Sims said the company is meeting with firms in emerging markets around the world to explore the possibility of transferring money through BBM.

"Money movement is an important thing," Sims told Recode.

If BlackBerry delivers a full payment service, it wouldn't be the first time the company has dipped its toe in the water. Last year, in fact, BlackBerry provided a money-transfer service through BBM on a test basis in Indonesia.

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What are the weirdest interview questions from tech companies?

Almost as if job interviews were a hazing ritual, tech companies are notorious for putting potential employees through the wringer during the interview process. There have been rumors of being told to solve insane math problems, demands to figure out riddles, and then there's the interview questions...

Company review site Glassdoor compiled its annual list of the top 25 oddball interview questions asked over the last year based on input from thousands of job candidates who shared the questions on the site. And, this year, the list is full of priceless laughs, unexpected doozies, and downright scary interrogations.

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The 404 1393: Where we change the game (podcast)

Friend of the show Harold Goldberg drops by the studio today to talk to Jeff about his amazing profile of Sam Houser, the notoriously reclusive head of Rockstar Games and the man behind Grand Theft Auto V.

- Criminal Mind -- The Harold Goldberg interview with Sam Houser.

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Apple design chief wants to work on...cups?

Before coming on board at Apple, Sir Jonathan Ive was designing and pitching toilets as part of consultancy outfit Tangerine.

It appears the man, who has since designed the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad (to name a few) sees an opportunity to put a dent in the drinking cup industry as well.

In an interview alongside fellow Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi (who leads Apple's software teams) with USA Today, Ive noted that he'd "like to design cups" if he were not designing gadgets for Apple.… Read more

Sennheiser CEO: Beats fashion headphones will 'never go away'

Last year I had the chance to interview Luke Wood, the boss of Beats headphones, about the bass-heavy company's meteoric rise to prominence -- a fashion-focused bombardment that left traditional audio companies struggling to keep pace. This year, at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Daniel Sennheiser of German firm Sennheiser is having his say.

Sennheiser is one of the many manufacturers caught off guard by the popularity of Beats' celebrity-endorsed fashion 'phones. I wanted to know how the company was coping with the competition, and the challenges of selling headphones in a post-Beats world.

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For Microsoft and Nokia, fewer secrets

While building new phone hardware and software together, Microsoft and Nokia could once be compared to two ships passing in the night.

The companies often touted their deep partnership on smartphones, but it turns out they still kept many secrets from each other. Sometimes those secrets caused one or the other to scramble to change features before a phone launched, and led Microsoft to rethink core aspects of its mobile operating system.

"There are real-world examples of situations where Nokia was building a phone and keeping information about it secret from us," said Joe Belfiore, a corporate vice … Read more

Larry Ellison: Steve Jobs was 'our Edison'

It's no secret that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison greatly admired Steve Jobs, and he spells out this esteem for the late Apple co-founder in an upcoming interview with Charlie Rose on "CBS This Morning."

"He was brilliant," Ellison tells Rose in a preview of the interview released Monday. "He was our Edison, he was our Picasso. He was an incredible inventor."

Ellison was a close friend of Jobs and has frequently commended the Apple co-founder's skill, insight, and attention to detail. As far back as 1998, Ellison sang Jobs' praises, saying that … Read more

Amazon scores Obama Q&A for Kindle Singles Interview series

In the news world, a one-on-one, exclusive, extensive interview with the president of the United States is about as big as it gets.

The latest outlet to score such a isn't a new organization at all -- or at least, not really.

Linked to President Barack Obama's visit to an Amazon fulfillment center in Tennessee Tuesday, the e-commerce giant will conduct an interview with the president for its new Kindle Singles Interview series, which publishes long-form interviews with iconic figures and world leaders in the mini e-book section of its Kindle store.

Amazon has long been transforming into … Read more