Review: Instapicframe generates framed and Instagram-ready photos

Instapicframe generates framed photos and other effects for Instagram, but due to a convoluted menu system and poorly-labeled home screen, it is often unnecessarily hard to use. Buttons are located in three different places, only some are labeled, and the process of actually creating and sharing an image takes much longer than should be necessary.

When you open Instapicframe for the first time you must create a project. Once you do, you will be able to choose from various frame options and then add images to those frames. Image options include images on your phone or those on your Facebook … Read more

Add extra frame options to your Instagram photos with Instapicframe

Although not entirely missing, Intragram's collage and framing options could perhaps use a little functionality boost. This is where Instapicframe app comes in handy. The level of functionality that this app delivers is not really that phenomenal, but it is worth a try on your Instagram photo collection.

This app offers no particular interface since once you install it, it becomes integrated with the interface of Instagram; therefore, we'll just stick to describing and rating its basic functions. The app presents three separate modes in rearranging and editing your photos. The first is a standard frame mode, where … Read more