Hazel for Mac review

A flexible and feature-rich file management application, Hazel for Mac makes it easy for you to organize files and folders, offering through its intuitive interface an extensive range of functions that are about more than just categorizing newly-saved files.


Automates file management: Hazel for Mac offers a rich set of functions that make file management a breeze. It can sort downloads, automatically move files to specific folders or export them to iPhoto and iTunes based on predefined rules, resize images to manageable sizes, run scripts (including AppleScript), and manage your trash by partially emptying it once it reaches a … Read more

DriverMax review

DriverMax Free Edition 7.29 scans, identifies, and updates your PC's hardware drivers automatically, one by one. It also backs up and restores drivers, keeps track of downloaded drivers, and identifies hardware without drivers. The freeware is limited to two driver downloads per day, at lower priority, and has other limitations compared to the Pro Edition.


Driver tune-up: A tune-up keeps your car running smoothly and reliably; updating your drivers does much the same for your PC. If updating drivers seems intimidating, DriverMax can take away some of the mystery.

Driver Ed: The freeware is fully functional, so … Read more

Verizon CFO: Abandoning subsidies would be a mistake

Verizon has dipped its toes in the installment plan option with its Edge program, but the carrier's CFO sees the subsidy model as still the safer option.

In a presentation Monday at a Deutsche Bank conference, Verizon Communications Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo talked about the intricacies of offering customers subsidized phones versus those paid off via an installment plan. Verizon's Edge program does give subscribers the ability to pay off the full price of a mobile device in installments. Launched last July, Edge follows pricing options similar to those found in AT&T's Next and … Read more

How to install CyanogenMod using the Mac installer

The process of installing CyanogenMod (CM) on a compatible device has traditionally been something shrouded in ADB commands and trial and error. For those uncomfortable with tinkering and messing around with unlocking a bootloader and flashing files to your device CyanogenMod can be very intimidating.

The CyanogenMod team knew this, so it released a Windows installer late in 2013 and as of early this week, the Mac version was made available. What this means for users is the ability to install the latest stable version of CyanogenMod in under 5 minutes.

Of course, before you dive into any of this … Read more

Crazy sounds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

William Kentridge's "The Refusal of Time" (2012) creates its own environment through the ever-morphing, large-format videos depicting the collision of technology, social upheaval, and industry. The five videos display a series of scenes, texts, shifting diagrams and papers, and laborers shown in silhouette marching across the screens. Music and voices come from eight speakers -- four large JBL studio monitors -- and four smaller megaphone-like horns that make announcements throughout the piece.

Picture and sound quality are exceptional, and while the sound is realistically loud, I never thought it was too loud. The running time is 30 … Read more

How to create a bootable OS X Mavericks USB install drive

On Tuesday, Apple released the latest version of their desktop operating system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Available as a free download via the App Store, OS X Mavericks is supposed to bring power and performance improvements, as well as some new features, including the new Maps app.

Creating an OS X USB installer from the App Store download hasn't been very straightforward in the past, and the old methods no longer work for OS X 10.9. However, there's a new Apple utility with Mavericks that makes it relatively simple, and thanks to MacForums member, tywebb13, we … Read more

How to manage a failed OS X Mavericks installation

OS X Mavericks offers a number of new features and enhancements to OS X, both in features you might use as well as under-the-hood optimizations; however, in order to take advantage of these you must first successfully install the OS, and this is where a few users have run into issues.

In some cases, people attempting to install the OS are running into a problem where the Mavericks installer claims the hard disk is damaged and needs to be repaired. Other times Mavericks might be hung up downloading from the Mac App Store, or never complete its final installation steps.… Read more

5 things to do before upgrading to OS X Mavericks

Apple's OS X Mavericks is now available for free from the Mac App Store, and if your system meets its minimum requirements then you might be considering installing it. However, you may be concerned about whether you need to prepare your Mac for the upgrade.

Check the specifications

First, the only true requirement for upgrading is to ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements for running Mavericks. If your Mac can run OS X Mountain Lion then it should run Mavericks, and in its announcement today, Apple reiterated this includes the mid-2007 iMac, MacBook Airs from late-2008, and … Read more

Facebook sees mobile riches in richer app ads

Facebook will look to capitalize on its new-found strength in mobile advertising by adding a sophisticated twist to an ad unit that has not only proved remarkably popularly with developers, but has also helped the company win over skeptics on Wall Street.

Tuesday, the social network is expanding the purpose of its mobile app ads, formerly known as mobile app install ads, so that developers can do more than just drive new downloads of their iOS or Android applications. The units will now enable app makers to separately target their existing users in Facebook's mobile News Feed and encourage … Read more

You can get the Belkin WeMo Light Switch installed in no time

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch comes with a switch, a faceplate, and four wire connectors. If you aren't familiar with electrical wiring, please enlist help from a handy friend before getting started. If you've installed a switch before, this shouldn't take more than 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish.

Step 1: Turn off power to your light switch at your circuit breaker. Use a voltage tester if you want to be absolutely sure that the power to that switch is turned off. This tester can cost as little as $10 at your local hardware store.… Read more