INRIX Traffic Maps & Alerts review

INRIX Traffic Maps & Alerts centralizes local traffic alerts, maps, and camera feeds right where you need them, on your Android device. But INRIX Traffic also earns its keep (even though it's free) when you travel by helping you navigate unfamiliar streets and avoid local traffic. If you're mobile, it's essential.


Easy to localize: INRIX Traffic automatically displayed our local traffic map, traffic cams, and alerts in a no-nonsense layout.

Current conditions: Crowd-sourcing means up-to-date data from a wide range of sources, including GPS.

Spiffy maps: Easy zooming and navigation and features such as North Up … Read more

Inrix doubles street coverage with XD Traffic

The Inrix XD Traffic service, launched this week, puts the company's digital traffic reporting on twice as many roads as previously. Inrix provides traffic data for in-vehicle navigation systems and through its own smartphone app.

Inrix Director of Product Management Mark Pendergrast told CNET that, along with the increased coverage, XD Traffic increases what it calls resolution of traffic coverage down to 800-foot increments. Previously, Inrix and other companies have used mile-long blocks, reporting the same traffic flow conditions for an entire stretch of road. The new 800-foot resolution makes it more likely the actual traffic conditions will match … Read more

Inrix Traffic demos Google Glass as a HUD in the car

Lately there's been a lot of hubbub about the use of head-up displays (HUDs) to increase safety by helping drivers to keep their eyes on the road while driving and navigating. Inrix, provider of traffic data and services, is also working on getting into the HUD business, but instead of projecting relevant information onto the vehicle's windshield, it's demonstrating a concept that makes use of Google Glass to float traffic data before the driver's very eyes.

Pulling features from the latest version of its smartphone app for iOS and Android devices, Inrix's Google Glassware concept … Read more

Audi tells you where to park it

Looking for parking in city often leads to endless driving in circles, wasting gasoline, and polluting the air, and can lead many to reconsider their evening plans. But this is exactly the problem being targeted by new technology on both the automaker and infrastructure side.

Audi just announced the first parking assistance system, linking its built-in navigation system to the growing amount of information available from parking garages.

According to Pom Malhotra, director of connected vehicles for Audi, the new parking service will work seamlessly with the navigation system of Audi models equipped with Audi Connect. When an Audi owner … Read more

Clarion Next Gate puts iPhone control, app integration on your windshield

Clarion Corporation of America announced today at CTIA 2012 a new way to connect your iPhone to your car: the Next Gate.

Clarion's Next Gate is a 7-inch WVGA touch display that mounts on your vehicle's windshield with a suction cup, much like a portable navigation device. (However, at 7 inches, its size is only rivaled by the largest of PNDs, such as Magellan's RoadMate 9055-LM.) The Next Gate features a cable connection to the iPhone 4's or iPhone 4S' 30-pin dock connector for data and charging; meanwhile the Clarion unit itself is powered by a … Read more

Sync Destinations app updated with Ford Sync AppLink compatibility

LAS VEGAS--You'd think that Ford's own Sync Destinations app would be among the select few that offer connectivity with the automaker's voice-controlled Sync AppLink technology, but oddly it wasn't...until now.

Ford has announced an updated version of the Sync Destinations app for iPhone that gives drivers voice control over the app when connected to an AppLink-enabled vehicle. Like the original app, users will be able to save favorite destinations and access driving directions and traffic reports to them utilizing their cloud-based Sync Services account. However, now users can simply speak the commands "Mobile Apps,&… Read more

Traffic apps for iOS: Free, real-time road reports

With the wind and water damage that Hurricane Irene left behind, the roads today in your area might be blocked or flooded. Whether you are trying to get back to the office, go out to the grocery store, or return home, you can save a lot of time by taking a look at traffic conditions before you run into a road block or traffic jam. There are a number of free iOS apps that can help you avoid trouble spots and traffic on the roads.… Read more

Inrix Traffic 3.0 for Android, iOS gets better crowdsourcing

You may not know the name Inrix, but the provider of flow data and prediction supplies the traffic data for dozens of automakers, aftermarket GPS providers, and municipalities. It's very likely that you already use Inrix's data in some way without even knowing it. Inrix's app for iOS devices and Android brings that same traffic data to your smartphone along with a few features new to its latest version 3.0 update.

Comparative Traffic is an at-a-glance look at the major differences between the current traffic conditions and normal traffic trends. Roads that are moving more slowly … Read more

Drivers spending 1 month each year in traffic

If you're wondering why there's never enough time in the day, perhaps its because you've been spending a month each year sitting in traffic.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Pittsburg are home to the top-10 worst corridors for rush hour traffic, which isn't news for anyone who actually lives there. Traffic information provider INRIX has analyzed gridlock and traffic patterns in the U.S. for the past four years and keeps a scorecard of the most congested cities. Some unlucky souls spend an average of 4 work weeks stuck in traffic.

At the top of … Read more

Audi introduces Internet-based nav

With its new A6 model, Audi intends to thoroughly integrate Internet-delivered traffic, courtesy of Inrix, Google maps, and onboard routing and navigation. Launching with the name Audi Online Services, the system uses a data plan to deliver current road conditions and routing information to the navigation system.

Inrix CEO Bryan Mistele says the company's XD Traffic service will show traffic flow information for each 20 to 30 feet of covered roads, rather than current systems, which generally show mile-by-mile. This specificity makes flow information useful on surface streets with traffic lights. The Audi navigation system will use the traffic … Read more